5 Tips on How to Write a School Essay

Essay writing is a skill that all today’s students need to have to maintain high academic results. Regardless of the subject matter, essays are commonly among homework assignments and projects that students have to work on. But, so many students struggle with essay writing and find it to be one of the hardest assignments they get. Luckily, essay writing doesn’t have to be that hard, if you just learn how to do it right. Below, we’ll cover the essentials of essay writing to help you overcome the fear or negative emotions you may have had about it. Keep reading for the 5 best tips on how to write a school essay.

1.? Explore the Topic

When you?re writing your school essay, the first thing you?ll need to think about is the topic. Sometimes the topic will be assigned to you and other times, you?ll have to select one yourself.

Either way, try to read as much as possible about the topic and do your preparation research. See what?s already been written about it and what are the main arguments, debates, or open questions that you could mention.

Also, create a list of resources that you?ll use in your essay to:

  • provide arguments
  • support your claims
  • cite
  • provide as evidence

Make sure you leave plenty of time to write your essay. This will help you avoid being among the 45% of students who undergo more than average stress levels frequently. This will ensure you have enough time to collect valuable and credible information from sources such as academic papers, publications, dissertations, books, and credible magazines.

2.? Outline the Key Ideas

The first thing you?re going to write is a very broad outline of key ideas. Think about the areas you want to cover and the things you want to say. Select the information you believe is most important and organize your outline as a string of bullet points.

You can get creative and brainstorm to find the best ideas. The important thing is that you select and then prioritize the ideas you?ll use for your essay.

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3.? Write the First Draft

Now that you?ve done all the necessary preparation, it?s time to write your first draft. The ideas you?ve collected in your outline now need to be expanded and arranged logically

For each idea, you?ll develop one or more paragraphs of your essay. Each paragraph will have:

  • a topic sentence
  • key idea
  • supporting arguments
  • minor conclusion

Here?s an example that starts with a topic sentence:

  • To be an effective leader, one must possess adequate qualities. Those are the personal traits and characteristics that will shape how the person performs as a leader. They include vision, creativity, critical thinking, communication, and self-awareness. Without those traits, one simply cannot be a good leader.

Complete your first draft without too much editing or hesitating. Just write everything that comes to your mind and remember it?s just the rough version. Once you complete it, you?ll be able to work on polishing it.

4.? Edit Several Times

Once you complete the first version of the essay, you should let it sit for a day or at least a couple of hours. In the meantime, try not thinking about it and work on something else.

Once you get back to the essay, read it as if you were seeing it for the first time. Try being critical and objective. Then, work on the editing:

  • rearrange paragraphs
  • add or remove lines
  • rephrase
  • add or delete information

Make the necessary changes to the content to ensure it all sounds just right. If you still feel like your essay isn?t good enough, Trust My Paper can help. Their professional writers can do the writing for you and help you learn how to write a better essay.

5.? Proofread

Finally, there’s one more step left for you to complete, before submitting your essay to the professor. You need to check your accuracy and make sure there are no mistakes.

Most commonly, you?ll find the following types of mistakes:

  • punctuation
  • spelling
  • grammar
  • vocabulary

You can do it on your own, or use an online grammar and spell checker to help you out. Once you finish proofreading, your essay is all done and you can rest assured you did everything right.

Final Thoughts

Writing a school essay sure is a challenge for those students who don?t like writing or simply feel they?re not talented for this skill. But, every skill can be mastered with the right mindset and readiness to learn.

Hopefully, the tips we?ve shared above will help you become a skilled essay writer and always earn the highest grades. Make sure you use them for your next essay!

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