Honey Bee Removal Tips

    honey bee removal

    Honey bees infestation is one of the most common infestations across the United States. Regardless of how important bees are to the earth for the survival of all species, they can be a real pain when you start seeing dead bees near your windows or live one flying around the house. 

    The internet is storming with tutorial videos and guiding articles to help you with your honey bees infestation but calling out a professional is always the best thing to do. 

    If you still are bent on giving it a shot yourself, here are some honey bee removal tips to bear in mind.

    Removal Of Nest Along With Bees

    Bee repellant sprays and chemicals are only half as good in getting rid of a bee problem completely. Honey bees by themselves are not generally found to be aggressive but have an unpredictable nature which is a concern to many homeowners. 

    The honey in the nest of the bees is a major part of a honey bee problem, and if only the bees are removed with repellants and the comb is left there then you can have some serious damages at your house.

    It won?t be long till you start noticing a strange and pungent smell in your house that will be because of the honey fermenting somewhere you forgot to remove it. 

    It can also cause some serious structural damage by seeping in through cracks and holes to damage your drywall so severely to be replaced entirely. This makes it an important thing to remember whenever dealing with honey bees to remove the nest/honeycomb along with the bees.

    Sealing the Entryway 

    It is very natural for honey bees to recolonize in the same area where they had before. If you?ve had a honey bees nest in your house and had it removed recently, you might as well want to locate the entry points for the bees and fill it up to block it completely. 

    If you fail to block up all the possible entry points to your house you may as well be seeing a re-infestation of your house with honey bees and will keep on spending additional money every time you encounter it, which is why you might as well not forget it the very first time.

    Protective Suit

    Now even though honey bees are not overly-aggressive, they are known to be very defensive when it comes to their nest. If you are trying to remove a honey bees nest without wear proper protective gear then you?re putting yourself in some danger. 

    Any nest will have least 20,000 honey bees colonized in it, and if you think a single honey bee sting can make you jump a little, imagine what 20,000 or even more of them would do. 

    The risk is so high that most professionals report cases of being stung even through wearing a protective suit.

    Catching The Problem Early

    Just like it is with every infestation in your house to catch a problem early on, locating a honey bee nest in the initial days of colonizing and removing it quickly is always the best thing you can do. 

    You can start suspecting that your house is being targeted for the next nest location when you start seeing hoards of honey bees scattered around your house for several days. 

    These are known as the scout bees and are looking for a good place to make their nest for the season, applying preventative measures at this time or calling a honey bee removal service at this time will prove to be the most beneficial.

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    Andrews owns a professional honey bees removal company in Richmond VA that has provided valued services to customers over the years. Here is how he shares with us some useful tips when dealing with honey bees.

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