When you are looking to add some new pieces to your wardrobe, it’s essential to invest in some timeless pieces that can keep you going year after year. dresses feature traditional and classic styles with their timeless style. The majority of the clothing is worn by women wear is modern and adds a contemporary flair to the traditional style that makes them appear fashionable, elegant, and sophisticated. The desi wedding dress is my absolute favorite regardless of how modern or trendy your style might be. 

Perhaps you’d like to dress like a traditional queen for your wedding day. This is because of the Shaadi tradition that dates back.

The fashion industry is about being timeless and distinctive but at the same. Our industry is embracing the latest trends of the moment rather than shunning the current fashions because the contemporary women of desire to appear stylish, confident, and contemporary too. our dresses reflect this most elegantly. As the phrase is “Keep your closet chic, minimal and classic” and there are many classic dress styles that you must incorporate into your wardrobe as soon as possible! Click here for: Zaibunnisa Clothes.

We’ve curated a selection of classics from the world of fashion to consider purchasing for your next fashion trip.

  • Evergreen Kurtas
  • The Red Regal Bridal
  • Classic White Ghararas
  • Effortless Sarees
  • Vintage Shalwar Kameez
  • Twirl-Worthy Anarkali Dresses
  • Hand-Embellished Festive Designs

Evergreen Kurtas

Who said you couldn’t look elegant and stylish in comfy clothes? Kurtas can be described as the best comfortable clothing that is not simply comfortable but can also make you appear classy and beautiful. The fashion-forward silhouette dates back to the subcontinent’s history and due to its timeless design, it’s still the top fashion of the world of ethnic fashion. It’s not just fashion-conscious women’s ultimate choice but is also a great every-season companion. The kurtas made of lawn with minimal details are a perfect summer outfit. Because of their easy-breezy, airy feel it is easy to dress them up in the intense heat of summer and in winter you can dress the khaddar or karandi style in the Shawl. The most popular trend for the fall-winter season is going to include embroidered or kurtas. We are avid fans. They look not only traditional and vintage, but they also look modern and trendy at the same while.

The Red Regal Bridal Look

It is a fact that an Indian wedding gown is linked to red and the custom of wearing red attire on the day of your wedding dates back. To get a royal look, brides opt for a dark red lehenga choli paired with gold embroidery. We are sure that this combo will never steer the wrong thing and is proven and tested to ensure that you’ll be the center of attention in the dress. Shakeel’s from Zeeshan Danish are famous for their red bridal lehengas that feature heavy tilla and zari embroidery. They also have hand embellished sequins, pearls, along with delicate gota. We’re certain that one style of clothing in the style that will never get out of fashion is the wedding dress in red.

Classic White Ghararas

Ghararas and shararas should be the most iconic bottom-line style of dresses and we’re certain that they will remain timeless. Gharars and Shararas were believed to be formal clothes in the past, however recently they have become a part of any casual or semi-casual attire also and shararas or gharara pants are trending items of the moment. When it comes down to choosing the appropriate attire for a nikkah celebration, an ivory or white gharara set is the best option. It’s beautiful and elegant in all ways, and particularly in a daytime nikkah celebration. Kanwal Malik’s charming look “Roshni” is the ideal balance of minimalistic and extravagant and we’ve saved it for the coming wedding season.

Effortless Sarees

When we discuss timeless and eternal what is a saree without? Sarees are among the most adored attires in the subcontinent. They are typically worn for special occasions within however some people are fond of wearing them at casual gatherings too. They are typically made of light and flowing fabric, but we like the cotton saree style also and during the winter wedding season, we were also awed by the velvet saree style. If you’re looking to look elegant and stylish at an event, but not wear heavy-embroidered attire, you must consider investing in a silky, flowing color saree.

Vintage Shalwar Kameez

Nothing is comfier and elegant than a slouchy with a decorated salwar kameez. Since it is our national dress, it is already of great importance. It’s one of the most adaptable silhouettes that are suitable for every occasion, from grocery shopping to formal attire for weddings. You can dress your outfits following your style. We’re a huge fan of solid salwar and kurta sets and as well as printed shalwar and Kurta sets. They’re chic and elegant in equal measure. It is a fact that an excellent shalwar kameez can keep you going year after year and never be outdated.

Twirl Worthy Anarkali Dress

Another look that is a long way back, but is in fashion is the well-known pishwas cuts. The floor-length long cuts with large gears and a well-fitted bodice provide the perfect festive vibes. This style has been revived in the wedding season in 2022 and can be seen at every big wedding. Faiza Saqlain is famous for her distinctive chikankari Pishwas style that is an influential influencer’s choice for bridal nikkahs like Fiza Khawar, who decided to wear White Faiza Saqlain Anarkali dress for her wedding. If you’re looking to stand out in a fashion that resembles a queen, then go for a glam Anarkali dress.

Hand-Embellished Festive Designs

We are famous for our exquisite and flawless hand-embroidered Ada work which features an impressive mirror, zari, thread, zardozi, and thread. wedding attires aren’t complete without beautiful embroidery. You can be sure that these embellishments and embroideries will never go out of style and are well worth the cost.

So if you’re someone that loves clothes but is living abroad, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity and shop for all the timeless and unique clothes from the leading brands on MRJ Collection.

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