Reasons Why a Three Stone Engagement Ring is Amazing

three stone engagement ring

The three stone engagement ring is fashionable, adaptable, and adjustable. Though many consider three-stone engagement rings to be past, present, and future rings, a tangible symbol of your journey together, we’re here to provide some valuable justifications for falling madly in love with one. So why and should you purchase three stone engagement rings?

They are Subtle

A stone’s height rises in proportion to its carat weight. The diamond expands upward. Thus, a three-stone can be ideal for you if you’re lusting for a bolder style but are concerned about how wearable it would be.

Your finger can mould the curvature of the three stone ring settings, and wearing the setting is a breeze. You don’t have to be concerned about your solitaire getting snagged on straps and sweaters because no stone is protruding. You can also take great pride in the fact that your ring is low-key, requires little upkeep, and appears to cost much more than it does.

Value for Money

Diamond prices rise exponentially. A one-carat diamond costs less than half as much as a two-carat diamond. The price tag increases with the size of the look. Because three little or medium-sized stones will always be more affordable than one enormous stone, three stone diamond rings combine excellent finger coverage with a more reasonable price tag.

The stones fan outward rather than upward, occupying more space on your finger and giving the impression of a more extensive, more expansive three stone ring settings.

Pick a side stone that spreads to obtain the most value for your money. Because they stretch east and west and sit low on the finger, pears make ideal side stones.

Half-moons provide beauty to an oval or round centre stone, but a deeper cut need more carats to have an identical appearance.

Options to Choose More than One Diamond Shape

Selecting a diamond shape is challenging. People frequently find themselves torn between two shapes and unable to decide. The generous size of an oval or the brightness of a round brilliant. An emerald’s class or an Asscher’s je ne sais quoi. The romance of a pear or the stark angles of a trillion.

Choosing a shape might be challenging since you only intended to receive three stone diamond engagement rings. You gain alternatives when you have three stones. So go ahead and get the round center you’ve always wanted and set it with side stones that are pears. Or use three emerald cut diamonds to triple your dazzle. You can add your preferred side stones to your three stone diamond engagement rings. Customizations are always free, except for the diamonds.

Possibilities to Mix and Match

You can combine different colors and types of gemstones in your three stone diamond rings. Consider that engagement rings with all three stones must be made of diamonds. Rethink about it. Gemstones with a diamond center can be an excellent way to introduce contrast and a meaningful color.


Are you the appropriate person for three stone engagement rings? Only if you’re looking for a large, glitzy design, veiled romantic symbolism, and a low-key, adaptable atmosphere that perfectly matches modern living.

Finding the ideal Three-Stone Engagement Ring is difficult if you are not much into jewelry shopping. There are many choices to be made, including the size, type, shape, and color of the stone, and you still need to discuss the basket design.

Consider choosing an experienced jeweler who has incredible understanding of the cuts and shapes of diamonds, has a wide range of designs, and offers catalogues to select your ring from.