Things To Know When You Buy Inverter Battery

When it comes to power backup, everyone talks of getting an inverter. Generators aren’t even considered today – they’re loud n noisy, have to be manually started and require  lot of maintenance. But simply buying an inverter will not solve your issue. For reliable power backup, an inverter needs to be connected to a battery. The battery is where power is stored. When you face a blackout,  the inverter sources power from the battery and converts the DC electricity to AC electricity. So, what do you need to know when you buy inverter battery? Here are a few pointers.

Inverter Batteries Are Different From Other Batteries

First and foremost, you can’t connect your old car battery to the inverter. Inverter batteries are specially designed to store enough power for your home. The amperage of a car battery is also lower. So, keep your batteries separate and invest in a proper inverter battery.

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There’s More Than One Type Of Inverter Battery

Not all inverter batteries are identical. In terms of the technology used, they can be broadly categorized as flat plate and tubular batteries. They are both lead-acid batteries with a difference in the type of electrodes and electrolytes used.

As the names suggest flat plate batteries are constructed as a series of plates while tubular batteries are a series of tubes. The difference in structure affects their charging and discharging capabilities. Tubular batteries are considered the more technologically advanced solutions.

Flat plate batteries are cheaper and are capable of discharging large amounts of power in a short time. If you live in an area with short, infrequent power cuts, this battery would work for you buy if your area sees long powercuts, a flat plate battery will not be a sustainable solution. In such cases  you need a tubular battery. Tubular batteries have a higher price as compared to flat plate batteries but they have a longer lifespan, provide power backup for longer and require less maintenance.

Good-Quality Inverter Batteries Can Be Safely Kept Inside The House

The inverters and batteries available in yhe market today are safe and emit no harmful toxins. Of course, this holds true only if you invest in good quality inverters and batteries. When you buy inverter battery, you will find both branded and unbranded choices. Always choose a battery from a reliable brand. This way, you are assured of the use of high-quality raw materials,? good after sales service and even an exchange offer when it is later time to get a new battery.

On the other hand, if you choose a local battery, the material may corrode over time leading to dangerous leaks. These batteries also come with no guarantee or warranty – if something goes wrong, you mat just end up having to buy a new battery and thus would have spent double the money.?

These inverter batteries can be kept inside the house but there are a few points to consider.

Firstly, always keep batteries away from sunlight. Even if you have connected your inverter to solar panels, the battery must be kept in a shaded area. Keep it in a cool, well- ventilated part of your home.

There is no strict rule to how close or how far apart your inverter and battery should be placed. But, considering that there is a certain percentage of power lost in transmission from the battery to the inverter, they should both be ideally placed together.

Lastly, though batteries emit no toxins, they should be kept in a place that is out of reach for children and pets.

Finding Your Perfect Inverter Battery

Generally, it is considered a good idea to buy an inverter and battery together. This ensures that they are both compatible and suited to your requirements.  You can buy them in the market or online. Either way, before you start searching, you should have an approximate idea of your power needs. This is simply a sum of all the wattage associated with the lights, fans and appliances you want to run on the inverter.

It isn’t everyday that you buy inverter battery or an inverter so take your time to consider all the options before you. Ideally, invest in a tubular battery from a trustworthy brand. This choice will ensure that you have a continuous supply of electricity at home and can enjoy a stress-free life.