The Custom Badge Holder, An Essential Protection For Your Badges

custom badge holder, lanyard printing

Do you know that your company cards and employee badges are constantly in contact with objects that can cause damage to them?

You were clueless, right? This is why we are here to introduce you to the custom badge holders. They are a true friend for your badges and will keep them safe from friction. 

These badge holders are a vital accessory for identifying visitors and employees within a company or during events. 

Such holders will make your badge more visible by putting it around your neck or attaching it to clothing. Above all, it reduces all the risks of theft or loss of your precious cards. 

A custom badge holder is, thus, quite practical to use and makes room for effortless and secure access within the premises. These are also widely used to elevate the overall visibility of your brand image and permit contact with prospective partners or clients. 

Below, we have shared all the information regarding these custom badge holders. So, give it a read to become acquainted with all these add-ons are capable of. 

Let us begin!

Custom Badge Holders | Important Considerations

If you have smart cards, then consider opting for a rigid custom badge holder. Such sort of holders provide superior card protection and are perfect for any sensitive card type. However, if you are someone who constantly requires to remove your cards from their holders to be scanned in a card reader or inspected by security officers, then opting for a holder having a slider or thumb notch for seamless card removal would be ideal for you. 

Moreover, if you have a basic photo ID card, then nothing would suit it more than a flexible badge holder. For an easy twist, these holders can be easily adhered to a shirt or belt without damaging your item of clothing. Prior to getting one for yourself, you need to consider one thing…

What Size And Orientation Is Your Card?

You would want to ensure that your card that is to be placed inside the holder will perfectly fit inside it. That is correct! There are different types of cards, and each type has its own specific card holder that would fit it perfectly. Generally, these holders are grouped into four types, i.e.

  1. ID Card Size: These holders are best for standard ID cards or credit cards
  2. Military Or Government Size: Such holders hold larger cards as compared to a standard ID one. They have the same general proportions
  3. Event Size: They are larger than the typical ID card size and a bit square. They are dominantly used for events, conventions, etc.  
  4. Business Card Size: They hold any standard business card

Why Custom Badge Holder Is Necessary For Badges?

Now that we are all aware of what things to consider when getting a custom badge holder, we think it would be best if we take a quick glimpse at the perks these holders offer. So, read on to get acquainted with the perks. 

#1 Protect Your Information

These holders are known to keep your sensitive information safe and secure. Most of the cards possess RFID chips that encode your personal information into your ID card. Due to the reason that such cards possess private details, it is crucial to protect them against potential theft by using secure badge holders. 

#2 Make Your Team Look Unique With Different Colored Batch Holders

You can easily add a dash of uniqueness to your team’s appearance by opting for a number of colours of badge holders. This will not only extend the overall life of your badge, but it will also polish its professionalism by correlating with the holder or different accessories such as badge reels or lanyards.

#3 Protect Your Card For A Long Period Of Time

You might know that it does not take a long time for ID cards to lose their shine. If you wish to keep your cards shining, then there would be nothing greater than sealable badge holders. They offer an ultimate solution to prevent loss and protect your badge from day-to-day grime and dirt. So, now you do not have to sweat about your card losing its original shine, as these add-ons can elevate their longevity over a long period of time. 

#4 Prevent Lost ID Cards

Picture this – you lost your ID card. Now, you have to lose much of your valuable time otherwise spent on its replacement. You could have avoided this entire situation if only you had plastic ID badge holders combined with other security ID card add-ons. These accessories help to prevent ID cards from getting lost.   

#5 Supportive Wellness Initiatives

Do you know that you can boost your employee well-being by getting them custom badge holder? This is an innovative and unique idea where you can include this wellness element into your badge add-on design. Think about out-of-the-box ideas such as reminders for periodic breaks or built-in hand sanitisers to promote a healthier work environment. 

#6 Interactive Virtual Events

There is ample space in the badge holders; thus, for a short period of time, you can put any other thing, such as QR codes, along with your card in your holders for any virtual event. Attendees can scan these codes to get access to online meeting rooms, interactive sessions, documents, and whatnot. This will eventually add more to your overall event experience. 

#7 Company Branding

You can also use your badge holder accessories for efficient company marketing, often coupled with branded lanyard printing. You can contact any reputable service provider to personalise your holders and incorporate names, slogans, logos, or anything else on your lanyards to promote your brand and boost awareness. 

#8 Ease Of Access

If meeting with clients on a day-to-day basis comes under your job profile, then such accessories can offer immense help to the client as well as staff members. These unique accessories elevate reach and permit simple access to ID cards over card readers without having to remove them from wallet or badge holders. The retractable badge reels can add more to the visibility and keep your cards accessible whenever you want. 

#9 Celebrating Work Anniversaries

You can make your employees feel recognised by gifting them custom badge holders or similar accessories on their work anniversaries. You can also hand in such things as graduation gifts. Trust us, they will come in handy. You can incorporate special colours or engrave the years of service to make the occasion and display appreciation for your employees’ dedication.

Summing It All Up!

And that is it! This was all you need to know about the custom badge holders and how they are essential for your badges. By reading the information provided above, we are sure that you are all giddied up to order one for yourself right now. If that is the case, then we suggest you not delay it. After all, you surely need a badge holder to keep your cards shining for a long time, don’t you? So, order a custom badge holder right now; we assure you that you will see the outcome of using these holders in no time at all.