10 Unique Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

    thanksgiving craft for kids

    Ready or not, Thanksgiving is almost here, just around the corner. If you are not careful, you will be stuck on your gift list, as it creeps right through. But as you got yourself here in time, we shall share with you some fab Thanksgiving gift ideas that you can start working on right away. We also got some fantastic arts that will help to keep your tots super busy as you roll some meals in the kitchen. Get your craft table ready, and let?s go:


    Toddlers will love playing with some cupcake liners as they create lovely turkeys. Provide them some colorful papers, scissors and glue, and a little guidance, and they will surprise you. It?s interesting how kids learn super-fast.


    Since it?s the Fall season, it will be super easy to collect the leaves behind your backyard. Alternatively, you can buy the faux autumn leaves. These will be ideal for covering the paper plate wreath, making it a perfect d?cor for the season. Then use a ribbon to hang the ring on your door entry or near the fireplace. It?s entirely up to you.


    One of the most straightforward crafts that preschoolers can nail is this one. The material needed is easy to find; paper plates, red yarn, and a paper punch to put holes around the edges. The holes are where the threads will pass through. It will turn out to be the most adorable apple craft ever.


    On a not so serious note, anyone can have an Indian cone by using simple materials. You know those torn shirts you need to through away? Get the buttons before tossing them out because they will be useful. Like they can come in handy in this craft. Then fetch some drawing paper, crayons, cutter, and glue. When you have all the requirements, this craft should 10 mins only.


    You can get some faux autumn leaves from your local store, and buy some glitters which you will come and dip them. The tweens or teenagers are more likely to have fun with this craft. They love some sparkle and especially when you have a variety of colors. Then hang them to create a lovely garland.

    6. LEAF BOWL

    The right age to craft this Modge Podge craft is the tweens. You can see how cute it turns out to be, with colorful leaves. It makes a lovely centerpiece for the season and will sit nicely on an entry table with some candies. And kids can use this as one of the cutest?Thanksgiving gift ideas?for their parents or friends.


    If you thought other crafts were easy to nail, then you haven?t tried this one. Ask your kiddos to fetch some leaves from outside, then bring them some paint and a clean sheet of paper. The activity is straightforward and fun, dip the leaf, stick it on the sheet, and gently lift it. What a beautiful craft that kids will find adorable.


    You can get the kiddos the mini pumpkins in Amazon and some variety of spray paints to make them colorful. Ensure to do this outside where there is ample ventilation. Teens or older kids are the best for this activity. They turn up to be gorgeous holiday d?cor that you can use for Thanksgiving gift ideas. 


    And what is Thanksgiving holiday without a pumpkin craft? Using felt for face, googly eyes, a glue gun, and mini pumpkins, you will get a cute animal pumpkin. Either choose an owl, deer, or raccoon. Which of these do you like, or else you will find it easier to do? Fabric scissors will make your work easier and faster to cut the felt. Use pipe cleaners for the feet.


    Since we are in a turkey obsession mood, we will show you how to craft the most straightforward turkey using yarn. The first thing is to prep your materials. Using colorful papers that are going to entice every kid, then cut them into a cone-like shape. They will be perfect for your feathers, but first thing first. Let every kid write what they are thankful for because that?s what the holiday is about. Right?

    Take a 9-inch polystyrene sphere ball and wrap it neatly, using a dark brown yarn. Ensure it?s completely wrapped up. Then put a knot on the bottom. Now make a 4-inch ball using a light brown yarn, and attach it to the brown sphere using a wooden craft stick. You can use felt, yellow triangles for facial features to make the beak use red felt teardrops for the wattle. Using craft sticks, stick the papers the kids wrote what they were thankful for in a fan-like manner.

    In conclusion, have fun with your young ones with these lovely crafts that will help develop their fine motor skills. You can also help them understand the true meaning of this holiday as you share Thanksgiving gift ideas for their friends. Toddlers, preschoolers, teens, or anyone in-between will have a blast during this worthy course.  

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