Terms And Conditions For Silversea Cruises

Silversea handles the transportation of passengers and baggage aboard Silversea Cruises. To control this, they specify the terms and conditions. Other than sea passage, Silversea works only as a booking agency for transportation. The obligation of Silversea cruises does not extend beyond the vessel. Silversea works with private companies to arrange transportation for passengers to and from the ship.

Airline cancellations, re-routings, or any other disruption of planned services or rooms. This includes the luggage that the Silversea cruise does not cover. That is why there are diverse opinions we have identified in the Silversea senior cruise reviews.?

Terms and conditions for Silversea cruises

Additional Conditions ? Payment Terms

Guests do not have the allowance to change travel agents for more than 30 days after Silversea receives their first deposit or after Silversea receives their final payment, whichever comes first. 

Date of receipt of final payment and roughly some days before sailing, you will receive the final paperwork. What if the funds are not received by the due date? Then, all reservations are subject to cancellation. And are only guaranteed when paid in full 120 days before receiving sailing.


This includes the condition that 

 “At any time during the trip, pregnant women who have entered the 24th week of estimated foetal gestational age should not travel on the ship”. 

Before traveling on any cruise, that guest and treating physician should keep in mind that there is no Gyn on board.  So, that pregnancy, when unstable and poorly treated, can be life-threatening. Especially without backup.

Children’s Accommodation

Carrier is unable to accommodate children under the age of five months on Classic Line cruises. Carrier will demand a signed and notarized waiver from any minors between the ages of six months and one year who will be sailing onboard. The carrier maintains the right to restrict the number of minors under the age of three aboard the vessel.

A parent or other responsible adult over the age of twenty-one years should go with any kid that falls under the required age. Parents need to sign a “Parental Consent Guardianship Form”. The form should be received by Carrier before sailing if the adult accompanying this kid is not a parent. The Ship’s does not allow children under the age of eighteen?


You are free to carry a modest quantity of clothing and personal goods aboard the ship. The visitors must handle the baggage on land adventures following the airline and air charter. 

Baggage that exceeds these limits will be charged according to the individual operators’ policies. Baggage restrictions are strictly enforced by airlines. Guests are recommended to inquire about weight restrictions with particular carriers. To avoid additional baggage fees, guests are urged to bring a smaller bag to all Land Adventures.

Agents of Travel

Travel agencies regard themselves as the guests’ agents, not Silversea’s. Silversea cruise is not responsible for any statements, acts, or mistakes made by the guest’s tour operator. The amount of the guest’s cruise fee is subject to change at any time before Silversea cruise receipt of payment.  Besides, the amount is subject to change at any time before Silversea’s receipt of payment. 

Guests shall be accountable to Silversea cruises for the cost of passage at all times. If the payment of all costs and charges is not done in full before departure, Silversea has the right to refuse on board

Credits for Cruises

Silversea Cruise Credits have no cash value, are non-transferable. Also, you can use them to book a Silversea cruise before their end date. These credits apply to advertised cruise-only rates. They also apply to reservations after they apply for all other discounts and promotions. There may be some limitations.

Insurance for Travel

Go for the travel insurance purchase at the time of booking. After this, the insurance information must be listed on the Guest Information Form. This must cover you if you cancel or shorten your vacation, as well as the expense of repatriation in the event of an accident or sickness.  You must make sure that you have good protection for your trip. 

Please recommend speaking with an independent insurance broker if you desire further information. If they return any insurance policy within the “cooling-off” period, Silversea must obtain and pay for similar insurance. Make sure to send the details immediately to Silversea. 

Silversea Senior Cruise Reviews 

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