Clarified Techniques For All Users to Convert XLS Contacts to VCF

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This post has covered methods for converting XLS contacts to VCF without erasing any data. We have described two ways to carry out this procedure here.

An Overview of Excel and the vCard File

Many people use Microsoft Excel for a variety of tasks. They used to store their data, but because Excel makes sharing data with others simpler, most users save data, including contacts. However, an XLS file must be converted to VCF format in order for the user to import all of the contacts stored in an MS Excel file into Outlook (PST), mobile devices, and other platforms.

In addition, users can choose to save Excel files in CSV and XLS formats. XLS is a file format used to store data in Excel. The file format used to store contacts and other data is called VCF (vCard File). Additionally, vCard offers the ability to create and share contact information via the internet in email and instant chat messages.

In addition, it contains URLs, logos, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, photographs, and other information. The vCard format is supported by almost all devices, email clients, email services, and cloud services.

Why would someone wish to convert contacts from XLS to VCF?

Moving XLS contacts to VCF is the sole method to transfer and access Excel (XLS) data on other systems. Users can read or access contact data in Outlook, mobile devices, and other platforms by converting the XLS file into vCard format, as there is no other means to access Excel data (contacts) in other apps.

In order to facilitate the process for consumers, we will go over a few easy but rapid ways that allow users to convert Excel contacts to a vCard format.

How to Export an Excel XLS File by Hand into a VCF Format?

This section will provide the manual method for carrying out the Excel file conversion procedure into VCF format. Here, the procedure is broken down into three phases.

Phase 1: Transform Microsoft Excel (XLS) into CSV

  • First, launch the MS Excel XLS/XLSX file on the computer.
  • Select the file selection, followed by Save As; if the file has already been saved, select Save a Copy, followed by Other Formats.
  • To save the CSV file, choose the CSV format and specify the destination path.

There will be a notification. To maintain the workbook’s format, select the Yes option by clicking the button.

Transferring Contacts from a CSV File in Step Two

  • In the search box, type contacts by pressing Windows + R or Windows Search.
  • Select the Import tab from the Contacts pane.
  • Press Import in the Import to Windows Contacts dialogue box after selecting the CSV file.
  • Proceed to browse and search the.csv file that you created in the preceding step.
  • Click on the *.csv file. then click the next button.
  • When the mapping of the contact fields is complete, click the Finish button.

Step 3: Exporting Contacts to vCard

  • Return to the Contacts window and select every contact you want to convert to a vCard. Click the Export button now.
  • In the Export Windows Contacts wizard, choose vCard.
  • Lastly, click the Export button. Click the “Ok” button after selecting the place to save the result (.vcf file).

A Clever Way to Convert XLS Contacts in Bulk to a VCF File

All users want to extract the Excel contacts into vCard format in a straightforward manner, so they want to be able to finish the procedure in a few clicks. Thus, users can quickly convert XLS contact files to VCF by utilizing the WholeClear Excel to vCard Converter Software. This is a Clarified Techniques For All Users to Convert bulk Excel .xls Contacts to VCF.

A step-by-step tutorial for converting contacts from numerous Excel files to VCF

  • First, download and run the software on your local PC.
  • Next, select the Excel file that has to be converted to VCF format by clicking on the browse tab and finding it.
  • After the program has finished scanning the file, choose the required version of vCard and choose vCard as the export option under the options tab.
  • To provide a location for the output file (a vCard file), click the Change Tab.
  • It is possible for the user to specify an empty email address in order to allow the import of such addresses.
  • Click the mapping tab and choose the Excel fields and export file fields to start mapping the Excel file fields. 
  • Then click the “Add” button. Here is where the user can choose the Auto Map option to map automatically.
  • Click the Export button to begin the process when the mapping assignment is complete.

The user will be able to export contacts from MS Excel to VCF format faster and with no data loss if they follow these simple steps.

In a nutshell,We have shown how to easily convert XLS contacts to VCF in this helpful post. Additionally, we have described two distinct techniques for converting contacts into vCard format from Excel. The procedure is simplified by using the professional approach and the handbook.