College, Tech-school, and Grad-school. What?s the Difference?

tech school vs grad school

Graduating from high school is a big achievement. It lays the foundation for your future studies. It prepares you for what?s coming ahead of you.

But, as soon as you graduate, you have the responsibility of selecting a career. You need to streamline your interests, strengths, ideals, and career choices before deciding on your profession. Graduating from high school takes you to college admissions. It is one of the most crucial parts of deciding your career. When you graduate from high school, you know nothing or very little about higher education. This leads to confusion between various available choices. You must have been waiting to get into a good college and take the initial steps toward your dream career. But these steps require strong foundations, information, and knowledge about different aspects of your chosen career.

You get plenty of options to choose from when you graduate from high school. There are hundreds of professional schools, technical courses, vocational courses, and colleges to choose from. Choosing a college plays an important role in deciding your career path. Thus, it is a great responsibility with endless opportunities. The first step in deciding your career is to decide the training or the courses you want to learn.

So, before you deep dive into types of courses, let?s discuss the education that can serve as your options.

1. Colleges

Colleges are the most popular and readily available choices for students. They are typically for 4 years. Colleges lay rock-solid foundations for the careers that you would want to pursue. Except for career-specific courses such as engineering or accounting, colleges provide a generalized education. They do not prepare you for specialization careers but instead prepare you for specialized degrees. Once you graduate from college, you can use that knowledge to apply to different professional schools or specialization courses that are required for your dream careers. They prepare you with broad education with a target of teaching you a little about many things. They can help you in choosing courses that you find interesting. If you are not clear with your career goals, college is the best place for you to try experimenting. You can even change your majors after one year. This helps you in exploring a variety of courses in a short span of time. They serve as the entry door to various professional degrees like law, sciences, and business.

2. Technical School

The technical schools refer to vocational courses. These are the limited-period courses that generally focus on strengthening one specialized skill. They prepare students for a particular career by giving them specialized training. Technical schools are the opposite of colleges. While colleges offer generalized knowledge, technical schools offer specialized ones. Fashion technology, culinary arts, massage therapy, cosmetology, office management, and information technology are a few examples of technical courses. Initially, these courses were available only in community colleges, but nowadays students can find specialized technical institutes dedicated to such studies. ITT Technical Institute and Fashion Institute of Technology are two of the most prominent technical schools in the USA.

3. Graduate School

Graduate schools offer an advanced degree in the journey of a specific career. They generally are referred to as post-graduate school. These schools have the preliminary requirement of a college degree. If you?re looking to pursue a career in a specialized or advanced course, we recommend you consider going to graduate schools. You can study there for a master?s degree or a Ph.D., depending on your career goals.

4. Professional Schools

Professional schools are a combination of technical schools as well as graduate schools. They are also commonly listed in graduate schools. Just like graduate schools, they offer an advanced degree in a specialized course. But they also offer technical advancements like technical colleges. Hence, they serve as the mixture of these two schools. Law school, medical school, and business school are a few of the examples of professional schools. They are the best choice for students who want to pursue an advanced degree in a technical course. This gives the best opportunity for kids to experience great exposure in their dream fields.

Taking Help from these Options

Once you understand these options, you can understand what kind of college you want after high school. But this information only serves as the starting door to your career. Before you choose a college, you need to find out what stream you want to specialize in. To get into a good college, you must ask yourself these and understand the below-mentioned points.

a. Deciding the Career

The most important step in choosing a college is to decide the course. Instead of focusing on the best college, one must focus on choosing the best course. The course must reflect your career path and your interests. It should align with your strengths as well. If you?re not sure about the career you want to choose, you can opt for vocational courses. They are good options and can help you to try different courses. Thus, before you enrol yourself in a college, make sure you are well aware of the available options.

b. Look where you Want to be in the Next 10 Years

The best way to choose a career is to imagine yourself 10 years from now. Try to imagine where you want to be once you finish your education. See, if you want to be a doctor, an engineer, a scientist, a lawyer, a banker, or an accountant. Once you decide on the career, your work is half done. Now, you just have to focus on your studies and dedicate your time to your career.


Deciding a career, a college, and a course are a few of the most difficult choices one has to make. Time invested in the preparation gives you an edge during college admissions. Thus, start early with college applications to select an institute that is best suited for you.

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