Teal Swan – The Importance of True Thoughts and Feelings in Relationships

Relationships are wonderful; however, there are times when things can get complicated and tricky for couples. This is where the expression of true emotions and feelings comes into play. No matter how unpleasant they might be, every real relationship must be honest and true. Often relationships break up because of lies and other hurtful comments. They can be saved if people become an authentic version of themselves and express what they truly feel to the other person to make it work and be a success.

Teal Swan – Making relationships successful

Teal Swan is a revolutionary and widely-respected name in personal transformation. She was born with a diverse range of extrasensory abilities and has survived severe abuse during her childhood. However, she did not allow that phase to break her down. Today, she deploys her gifts along with her harrowing experience in life to inspire millions of individuals towards freedom, joy, and authenticity. She teaches people how they can effectively transform their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual pain.

Teal Swan

Restoring the world to wholeness

According to her, the result of what she believes in and teaches will be great for the world. When people are completely restored to wholeness, the world will also follow suit. Her teachings invite people to step in completely into their authenticity with the knowledge that this will bring positive change in the globe that people actually want to see.

Expression of feelings and thoughts

She believes it is uncomfortable for many people to express their feelings and thoughts. At the same time, it is uncomfortable to hear someone express their views honestly. However, these thoughts and feelings that one experiences truly should never be suppressed. You can only be in a real relationship when these true feelings and thoughts are laid out on the table.

The need to be in the present moment

Otherwise, you cannot love the person you think you truly love as you do not see the truth of who they really are in the present moment.  In essence, people are asked to love an illusion of themselves unless they are willing to be vulnerable and transparent enough to reveal the truth of who they are in the current moment.

Revealing what you feel should be the number-one priority in your life

According to her, in her book ?Shadows Before Dawn: Finding the Light of Self-Love Through Your Darkest Times, she writes that one should always place priority on their true feelings. In fact, it should be the number-one priority in their life.

Teal Swan is a globally recognized figure and an esteemed spiritual leader with a strong voice for authenticity, empowerment, metaphysics, and self-alignment. The ideology behind her movement for authenticity is that the modern-day era is built on the concept of pretense over authenticity. As a renowned speaker, author, and social media star, she regularly travels the globe teaching men and women about spiritual growth and self-development. She established the TealEye LLC in 2012 to carry out her mission.

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