Things Need to Consider Before choosing the pool size

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    How many of you have said to yourself, I want to buy a pool, but I don’t know what size it should be?

    By the end of this post, you’ll get an informed decision about the shapes and sizes of your swimming pool before buying a pool or installing a new one.

    You choose the shape but in the coming future, your requirement increases. Choosing the best shapes and sizes of the swimming pool saves your future budget on upgrading your pool.

    Comfortability is supreme so these are some things you always need to consider while buying a pool or installing swimming pool sizes that are best fits according to your family needs under your budget.

    1) The first item for consideration is who are going to be the main users of the pool. Now, we often at times have a dad come in and say hey, I have got a couple of kids and I need a really big pool. And they immediately start looking at something like the T40. The truth is, that it might be too much pool for what you actually need.

    In fact, a couple of kids in a pool are going to have just as much fun in something like the D36, as they would in the T40. In fact, we’ve never had a kid complain that the pool was too small.

    Trust us on this one, they’re going to have fun no matter what sized pool you get.

    2) The next thing to consider is, is anybody going to be swimming laps in the pool.

    Now, you could have a small pool and a tethering system, which would keep you strapped to the wall and you just essentially swim in place.

    But if you want to actually swim laps, you need to consider a pool that is at least 30 feet in length.

    You also need to consider things like the features that might get in the way of the swim lane. There are a lot of freeform pools that offer a diagonal swim lane, or there are rectangular pools that certainly have accessible areas as well.

    Now when planning the patio around your pool, you need to consider the furniture and other things you are going to have in the space.

    3) You also need to consider things that might be off the patio like a playground or a play area for the kids. But as for the patio itself, I am standing in an area that’s about five to six feet off of the pool.

    But we start adding furniture to this, it takes up the room pretty quickly. As you can see, now that we’ve added furniture to this space, well, it’s a little cramped.

    So give thought to the amount of space you need based on the furniture you envision having around your pool.

    4) Setback requirements for building a pool in your backyard. Consider things like how far the pool needs to be away from the house or septic field or the property line.

    You might be asking, where do I find that information? You can go to your local building inspector and they can provide you with those answers. You also need to think about the proper pool removal if in future pool removal is required. Thinking futuristic can save your budget.

    5) Another thing to consider is how often are you going to be hosting folks at your home and how many swimmers are there going to be.

    You should keep in mind that only half of the people at the event are actually going to be in the pool at any one time.

    Now also keep in mind, we’ve seen customers make some really big decisions on their backyard pools around one or two events.

     So think about how often you’re going to be hosting and how many people are going to be there.

    6) Lastly, give some thought to the size of your family now and what it might be in the coming years.

    Your family might be growing at present, or you might be looking at sending some kids off to college in the very near future, or perhaps some grandkids are coming back into the picture.


    Well, Swimming Pool Residential Owners if you consider the above six things then you will surely choose your desired swimming pool yard for you and your family enjoyment comfortably. Pro Tips: Always consult your local certified swimming pool builders before buying a pool or installing a swimming pool.

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