Look at the Top 3 Different Styles of Price Tags for Clothes

Price Tags for Clothes

Using tags in a business helps to mark the price, encourage customers to make a purchase, categorize the clothes specifically and manage the business seamlessly. These tags can be of different styles and shapes. Each of them has a unique purpose and it indicates specific information to a customer. The list of different tags includes clothing tags, top tags, apparel tags, manila blank tags, manila service tags, sale tags, sold and hold tags, and jewelry tags. Using tags is an excellent way to label the products with the required information. Customers can make informed choices when the items are labeled with the needed information. Mainly, there are two different ways of attaching the tags onto the clothes – strung and unstrung. The unstrung means that tags don?t have a string with them. 

Most people use a tagging gun to attach the tags to the clothes without damaging them. Secondly, the strung means the tags come with a string and it can be tied to the clothing item without harming the product. In terms of convenience, the service tags that come with a string are much better. One can either attach a blank tag or an informative tag based on the purpose of the products. Sometimes, the clothing items need a retail price tag to make customers aware of its pricing. These clothing items require a service tag for dry-cleaning. There are also manila service tags that are used for labeling the garments that need altering. Let?s take a look at the different types of available price tags for clothes, 

Manila Service Tags

Manila service tags are certain types of price tags for clothes used for labeling the garments for alteration. The other price tags allow businesses to efficiently lay out their pricing strategy but this manila service tags provides the business with an organized system to take client?s measurements. People can use either the manila blank price tags to have the freedom in writing. Also, there are pre-defined form manila service tags but it constrains people from writing whatever they want. There are different styles and shapes available to match the different needs of retail stores. Let?s take a look at the following, 

  • Repair 1 Side, 1 Ticket: Repair 1 side and 1 ticket manila service tags are the perfect way to mark garments that need repair. It has a manila colored finish. The best part is that manila service tags can be customized as per the specific needs of businesses. One can buy these items in bulk and save their long term expenses. 
  • Alteration 1 Side 1 Ticket: Alteration 1 side 1 ticket service tags provide the perfect opportunity for businesses to mark the garments for alteration. These tags are durable and prevent any wear or tear. 

  • Alteration 1 Side 3 Ticket: An Alteration 1 side 3 ticket is also a unique way to tag the garment for alteration. These tags can be attached either using a tagging gun or these can be tied with the clothes without harming them. 
  • Lay-Away 2 Sided 2 Tickets: With these unique, durable, and stylish layaway 2 sided 2 tickets manila service tags, one can mark their garment with specific information. 
  • Lay-away 1 Side 2 Tickets: Layaway 1 side 2 tickets manila service tags are the perfect way to mark the garments with specific information. Whether these garments require alter or repair, people can tag them accordingly. 

White Clothing Tags

White rectangle clothing tags are the perfect way to label a product with proper information. After all, how consumers perceive a product?s price plays a crucial role in terms of encouraging them to make a purchase. In fact, this also provides the opportunity for customers to remember a brand. The white clothing tags are used for marking an apparel item properly. Sometimes these clothing tags can be pre-printed with specific information such as the style of the product, size, price, etc. One can also use white rectangle blank tags. These clothing tags are pretty easy to use and it doesn?t damage the clothing items when attached. Also, there are different styles available for these clothing tags to match the different needs of a business. 

Custom Tags

Custom tags can be personalized according to the specific needs of a business. One can also add a perforation. It will help to tear off the pricing information on these tags. Businesses can either choose a standard size or a larger size for their tags. These tags can be of different colors including red, pink, green, orange, chartreuse, yellow, light green, dark green, brown, ivory, etc. Besides the color and the sizes, people can choose the shape of these tags. There are different shapes available including the round corner shape, scallop top, round top, oval, square, etc. However, people should choose a reliable supplier to place an order for customized tags. It?s because it takes specific experience and expertise to print these custom tags efficiently. So, one must conduct thorough research on the supplier before placing an order.?

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