How To Style Comfortable Clothes: Mix Basics With Elevated Pieces

Fashion has by far no stated rules for styling. With changing times, the style has come up with dramatic ideas of comfort. If you explore high street fashion, you will find a variety of styles that you can follow without compromising your comfort. All these clothing ideas are ideal for your workspace, date nights, and casual outings with friends. 

Fashion has no boundaries and no as such stated rules. It makes room for mixing your high-style branded clothes with inexpensive clothes. 

1. Don?t Buy Knockoffs: 

Most people make the mistake of falling for knock-offs to make their outfits look expensive. These duplicate, cheap items degrade your final appearance. These products are not up to the mark and usually have some loopholes. Instead, you can look for options available for the same price and look graceful.

2. Do Pick Your Five:

This absolutely essential yet important tip will save you a lot of money and time. First, you need to pick your most essential fives. These choices need to be the best five parts of your everyday look. These could be your jeans, pumps, boots, handbags, dresses, or blazers. 

Your top five will let you explore more in these categories. Every time you step out to buy new clothes, you will always know where to spend more.  

3. Shop Smarter, Not Harder:

Fashion doesn?t need a lot of clothing items in your closet. It?s more about creating new outfit ideas with what you already own. While moving out for shopping, always have a glance inside your closet. Make a quick review of patterns, prints, colours, and styles inside your closet. This small tip will give you an idea of what else you need to purchase.

4. Stay Away from Spending a Ton of Money:

High street fashion isn?t affordable for every person. You can always choose to opt for mixed branding. Make it clear in your head that clothes aren?t a piece of asset jewellery is. There is no point in spending tons of money on luxury brands. If you look at celebrities, most of their costumes are sponsored by brands for promotions. So, don?t fall for these traps and always stick to your budget.

5. Try Not to Go Overboard with Labels:

Even if you can afford high-class labels, it?s not needed to go overboard with brands. 

Always retain your class and simplicity intact with mixed branding, sustainable and more comfortable clothes. You must pick your outfits for your comfort and style. It must not look like a ramp show for a particular brand. Even though you own almost every accessory from the same brand, wearing them all together doesn?t look dapper.

6. When Mixing Like Patterns, Use Different Scales:

A pattern in clothing has been a big hit in the last few years. Whether it be your bottoms, jackets, formals or even handbags, patterns will add oomph to your appearance. While styling for comfort, patterns are the best options to elevate your look. But while choosing patterns, always make sure you pick patterns at a different scale. Similar patterns look absurd. Try mixing matching prints with patterns for a change. 

7. Use a Solid Neutral to Ease Visual Overload:

Neutral is the most significant staple in your closet. Every season needs its own set of neutrals. When in doubt, you can always rely on your neutrals. Too many patterns, colours, layers, and dramatic prints will start defining your style. An expensive solid neutral will act as a saviour and make you look sophisticated. 

8. Ensure High Quality:

Quality is not necessarily expensive. Good quality clothing starts from $50 if you are experienced enough to pick the correct item. Never compromise a quality product over quantity or save a little money. Your style needs to be top-notch to establish you as a fashionista. It means there is no room for cheap quality products. 

9. Remember The Rules:

As stated earlier, there are no such stated rules for fashion trends. These are just the most followed styles all over the world. It?s always up to one?s choices. 

Everyone has different body issues. You or your friend will not necessarily choose the same outfit or accessory, but some fundamental tips can save you from big fashion blunders. 

Always choose the correct fit.

Stick to your choices under your budget.

10. Know Your Style:

Creating your style takes a lot of experiments, failures, blunders and then finally defining your unique style. It?s a good idea to make your style statement. It keeps you shining bright even in a crowd of thousands of people. Stick to your style. Not everyone?s going to appreciate your choices. Your comfort must be a priority to you, rather than everyone else?s judgment about your style. Mix-matching brands, patterns and prints is the hottest trend. Try to catch up with the trends but not at the stake of your style.