Why International Students choose to Study in Ireland?

    study in ireland

    Studying in Ireland is a great experience as the place is rich in culture with breath-taking scenery and a young vibrant population. The friendly nature of people makes it an ideal study destination for any international student. It?s a perfect destination for travel enthusiasts as they can take long weekends to explore the rest of the world. Check more details here:

    1. Top universities: 

    Ireland has some of the world?s top-quality institutions with stellar international reputations. Several institutions of higher education in Ireland are ranked globally for delivering a variety of programs in diverse areas including literature, medicine, engineering, philosophy, science, technology, business, law, languages, history, and psychology.

    2. The abundance of job opportunities: 

    Ireland is home to leading global and prestigious organizations. Many leading companies have their main offices in Ireland for overlooking European operations including Google, Accenture, HP, Hub-spot, Apple, Master-card, IBM, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Salesforce, Pfizer, GSK and Genzyme offers huge employment potential for graduates. Ireland is a perfect place for an aspiring global business professional.

    3. Networking opportunities: 

    due to the abundance of multi-national companies in Ireland, universities have tie-ups with them. They offer diverse internship opportunities to its students which in-turn helps them to build a network for the lifelong learning process. It also pays to consider whether you want to pursue a long term career in the same country where you wish to graduate from. The network that you establish while studying in a particular country can help you build worthwhile connections for a lifetime.

    4. Ample research opportunities: 

    The universities in Ireland focus more on research and development avenues as it is famous for its high-quality scientific research. Research scholars are engaged in interesting and research-oriented projects to provide an innovative study experience. The government supports research in diverse disciplines. Ireland is famous as an international hub for many students to visit Ireland to pursue research in various fields.

    5. Post-study work permit: 

    Ireland has a highly established modern economy providing a 12-month post-study work permit to all the international students. This policy of Ireland enables graduates to gain invaluable experience with companies and to get the exposure required to settle down in a foreign land.

    6. English is a widespread language: 

    One of the top reasons for choosing Ireland as their next study destination is the preference of the English language. Ireland is the place where most of the universities teach courses in English and people communicate in a different language which makes it easy to cope up with the new place. You can enrich your communicative and linguistic skills while being enrolled in a course in Ireland. It?s a great opportunity to learn about different cultures and languages. 

    7. Cultural experience: 

    Ireland promotes peaceful living and friendliness with great enthusiasm for diverse festivals and rituals. The curriculum is designed to let students mingle with multicultural people and gain a global perspective. They inspire multicultural integration to ensure people?s customs and traditions are respected.

    8. Peaceful and safe country: 

    Ireland is considered one of the safest nations to study and live. If you choose to study in Ireland, you will enjoy the same rights as any other person. 

    Ireland is one of the most exciting places in the world to study and envision a long term career in this beautiful place. Study in Dublin for international student’s exposure and delve deeper into the world of possibilities. 


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