Study In Canada: a Holistic Learning Approach

study in Canada

Study in Canada is a prime location for many students who are willing to dutifully accomplish their educational goals from abroad and are trying to make a scholarly educational background for themselves.

Study in Canada for Indian Students has been a persevering approach for students  Intewho is making the choice to Study in Canada is prominent because the country has a wide range of diversity in cultures, a distinguished education system, and a cosmopolitan environment.  

Canada has become one of the most popular choices for candidates internationally, especially from India.

Study in Canada affiliates teaching various undergrad, postgrad, and doctoral programs and during the time pursuing the course students are actively engaged in work experiences which will lead them to attain professional knowledge in the meantime of course completion.

The most beneficial reason why the students are intrigued to pursue their dream education in Canada is simply that after the completion of the degree, they become simply eligible to attain PR( Permanent Residency) in the country itself.

Eligibility for Indian Students to Study in Canada differs according to the different universities to which students have made up their minds to proceed. Eligibility for undergraduate,  postgraduate, and doctoral are distinctly different.

There are many entrants who make the roadmap of establishing their notable journey to Study in Canada from India.


Name: The Dominion of CanadaCapital: Ottawa
Language Spoken: English and French are the official languages, which is followed by Mandarin and Punjabi language which are also majorly spoken.Population: 3.82 crores
Religion: Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, Atheism, etc.Currency: Canadian Dollar ($)

Canada is situated in Northern America and is amongst the most developed countries in the world. And, it is amongst the cheapest of the lot in comparison to other English-speaking countries.

The country is situated in a prepossessing location to behold the eyes of tourists and the students who are willing to make a good education background in this notable country can acknowledge the fact that the country is the home to many such deemed public and privately owned Universities.  

India has been actively the face of the country’s entrants and India is amongst the popular provider for expending their money on the studies of Canada.


Surrounded by Multilingual culture.The country is the homeland of many deemed public and private universities.
The country has an educational degree in English medium, which makes it free from the language barrier.Great presence of Indian Environment. Because Punjabi is amongst the top open language of the country.
Economical for many students who are willing to pursue a degree through Study abroad.Part-Time or Full-Time working opportunities are available according to their course and schedule.

Canada has a profound curriculum structured to initiate a skillful learning process. Teaching faculty are renowned and skillful. Many notable alumni have passed the esteemed universities of the country.

When students apply to Study Abroad they are most intrigued about the scholarship details to have the education in the most nominal budget.

Many esteemed universities in Canada offer financial assistance to their candidates.

  •  Dalhousie University
  • Carleton University
  • The University of Winnipeg
  • The University of Victoria
  • The University of Manitoba

Eligibility for Indian Students to Study in Canada

For studying in Canada students need to meet the following requirements to attain eligibility to gain admission in any of the following universities which have been accoladed with worldwide fame and considered prestigious institutes to acquire the degree to have a sky-high opportunity in your career prospects.

So, the following criteria are as follows which are needed to meet up:

  • Students need to at least accomplish a score of 65% in their 10+2. Students who are having a score of less than that are eligible to apply for any diploma or foundation courses.
  • Furthermore, they need a minimum of  6.0-6.5 score in their language proficiency examination which is IELTS.
  • Separate universities have separate eligibility criteria such as examination of TOEFL, GRE, or GMAT need to be given for their admission.
  • A gap needs to be addressed by the acceptable reasoning document.
  • Without the provision of LOR (Letter of Document) the candidate is not eligible for admission.
  • A statement of Purpose (SOP) is among the necessary documents.
  • Students need a bachelor’s degree and academic documents as proof of their marks.
  • IELTS scores need to in between 6.0-6.5 which is the minimum.
  • No limits on the gap taken before pursuing a post-graduate degree.
  • A letter of Recommendation serves as the necessary documentation to enable the admission process.
  • A statement of Purpose (SOP) is among the necessary documents.

Cost of Studying in Canada

The Total Cost of Study in Canada for Indian Students needs to be planned beforehand as to how the students are going to pay for their education in Canada and the living cost which differs from person to person.

Students can look to some of the universities for an abstract idea to initiate their dreams to have an educational degree from any Candian University by Study Abroad.

The list is as follows:

  • University of Regina: 5-15 lakhs
  • University of Windsor:  15-20 lakhs
  • Thompson Rivers University: 12-15 lakhs
  • The University of Canada West: 10-12 lakhs
  • Conestoga College: 9-15 lakhs
  • George Brown College: 9-15 lakhs

The students can approach a route of holistic learning in Canada. By, implementing a correct roadmap to build a dream of studying abroad.

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