Steps To Take After A Bicycle Accident In California

 Even with the safety measures and practices for bicyclists in California, accidents still happen.

?During a bicycle accident, the victims can be traumatized, and one might wonder what to do after the accident.

 When an accident is caused by someone else carelessness, it’s vital to take care of your health and protect your legal rights.

 If you or your loved one has been involved in a bicycle accident, below are some tips to apply both for your health and legal safety.

 Steps To Take After A Bicycle Accident

Knowing the steps to take after your bicycle accident can make all the difference between getting no compensation and a fair settlement. 

There are many situations when a bicyclist may find themselves in turmoil. It could be in an intersection, or it could be due to poor road conditions. The key thing is what you do after such an accident and how to secure your compensation. Having?Bakersfield bicycle accident attorney?would greatly assist when it comes to filing your claim.?

Below are the steps to take after a car accident:

  • Check for any injuries and document them if possible: Immediately after the accident, check whether you have suffered from any injuries. Though some injuries take time before they show up, it would be vital to seek medical care immediately. 

After medical care, check whatever the medical doctor indicates as the reasons for your injuries. 

  • Don’t leave the accident scene:?If your injuries are not severe, you should not leave the scene before the police arrive. The police report serves as evidence of your case. Such reports are used in case of any legal action to be taken.?
  • Take pictures: When at the scene of the accident, you can take photographs of the accident scene. You may take pictures of skid marks, weather, or any other factor deemed fit to produce evidence. But, if you?were not able to collect information after the accident, you may want to go back to the accident scene to take the photos or even look for credible witnesses.
  • Exchange information: Where possible, collect the other driver contacts. This includes their name, addresses, license number, or any other information relevant in case of a claim. The information will greatly assist when filing your claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company.
  • Write what happened after your accident:?Any accident is traumatizing. This may interfere with your memory. It’s always advisable to write down what you saw; this will be of great help to your lawyer when gathering evidence. Even after the accident, you can also keep making notes of whatever you remember. The notes you write can prove useful after a few months, especially when preparing an effective demand letter.?

Again, if you decide to file a lawsuit, such information would greatly assist your lawyer for liability purposes. 

  • Be careful what you say:  Note that some statements can put you into a liability. What you tell the other party could be used against you in court. Never open up for communication with the other driver. For instance, if you were involved in a bicycle-car accident, the motorist may try to place blame on you. Instead, remain silent and advise them to talk to the police or your lawyer.

??It’s vital to have all the information needed for your bicycle accident claim. This gives your lawyer an easier time when gathering information or preserving the evidence.?Such evidence will be useful when negotiating for your settlement or filing your lawsuit.

 Get A Lawyer

 Anything you do after a crash is vital. It can affect your health as well as your compensation. If you are a victim of a bicycle accident, you have a right to have legal representation. As such, you can either choose to call your lawyer on the scene of accident or retain one later. 

While bicycle claims may seem less complex, they involve lots of hurdles. You may choose to have a lawyer who understands?bicycle accidents. There are many benefits why you should choose a lawyer to handle your case:

  • The lawyer will determine whether to help you settle by negotiating with the at-fault insurance company.
  • Where negotiation is impossible, your lawyer will guide you to litigate

With a lawyer, you should avoid any communication with the at-fault driver insurance. By this, you will avoid legal snares.

Remember that you share the same rights with motorists when on the road. However, you may be more vulnerable on the roads.

 It’s advisable to have a free case review with a lawyer to understand your case. Don’t hesitate to get a lawyer, even if you only suffered from minor injuries. Where your bicycle case seems to be more detailed, he/she can get a medical expert to help testify of your injuries. That way, you are bound to have a successful case outcome.