How To Become A Faculty Professor In College?

Every profession is great if you do it with all your heart. Do you agree? But some professions are quite remarkable and prestigious. One such prestigious and valuable profession is teaching. Whether you teach in school or college or any other academic institution, you enjoy the interaction with students. To become a professor in College, people often ask the question ?how to become a faculty professor in College??

Before we talk about it, you must know that a professor is known to be a faculty in any education institute, but some people get confused and mix it with staff. It?s important for you to learn the difference between faculty and staff

difference between faculty and staff

Anyway, below we?ve listed some essential points for you to follow to become a faculty professor in college.

Important Steps To Follow To Become A Faculty Professor In College

Do you love teaching at the college level? If yes, then you would definitely be searching for steps to become a professor, right? All the below highlighted steps will help you become a college professor. Let?s have a look at them.

1.     Earn Bachelor?s Degree

The first and foremost thing one has to do to become a professor is to earn a bachelor?s degree in a specialised field. You have to decide in which subject you want to become a professor, be it arts, commerce, science or any foreign language. To enrol in graduation, you need to secure a high percentage in the 12th standard as it will open your door to enrol in any favourite college of yours to do graduation. But make sure to maintain a high academic record too.

2.   Complete Your Master?s Degree

Once you?re done with completing your bachelor?s degree, enrol yourself in masters. But forget not that enrolling in a master’s program isn?t that easy. You have to clear the entrance exam to secure your seat in masters. Colleges require a minimum of 55% of your graduation marks. Once you complete the master?s degree, you need to clear competitive exams, which you?ll read in the next section below.

3.   Pass Competitive Exams

Clearing a master’s degree may not help you become a faculty professor in a college or any other prestigious educational institute. What do you need to know then? Basically, you have to pass some competitive exams such as NET, SET, or CSIR NET. Well, you need not clear all of these competitive exams.

Even if you clear NET (National Eligibility Test) alone, you will be eligible for assistant professor jobs in colleges and universities throughout the country or worldwide. But if you clear the SET (State Eligibility Test), then it will limit you to become a professor at a state level. And clearing CSIR (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research) means getting a position of junior research fellowship. So, it?s up to you which exam you want to clear.

4.   Get Doctoral Degree

If you?ve successfully cleared the NET exam, you are eligible for applying to a college for the post of assistant professor. But hold on! You may get a job as an assistant professor but may not be a permanent job. Why? It is because some universities or colleges require a doctoral degree. You can enrol yourself in a doctoral program and pursue it while teaching in the college.

5.    Gain Teaching Experience

To become a professional faculty in any college, you must gain some practice experience. And how do you gain that? You gain practical experience by teaching or tutoring children and adults. Moreover, you can also work as a student instructor or hold a part-time teaching position in a college or institute. Even if you try to volunteer for a research role, it might also aid you in gaining experience in teaching a subject.

6.   Research And Publish Academic Work

To earn name and fame in this field, you should always keep researching and writing blogs, articles, and thesis and get them published on renowned academic websites and magazines. If you do this, you soon will be able to establish yourself as an authority in this field. To become a renowned professor, it?s always recommended to publish at least 5 high-quality papers and books. These academic works will reflect your personality and work.

How long does it take you to become a professor?

Above you have already read about the steps you need to follow to become a professional faculty professor in any college or university. Now you would be concerned about how much time it will take to become a professor, right? Becoming a faculty professor requires many years. Starting from acquiring 3-4 years of bachelor’s degree to completing 2 years master?s degree to sitting in competitive exams to finally obtaining a doctorate degree. It will take at least seven to eight years of yours to become a professor.

We hope you found this blog helpful and informative.

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