Why should start-ups pick Ionic App Development?

We?ll reminisce the features and benefits of the Ionic framework and rejoice all the good things it offers to empower applications across platforms!

Crux: It is an illustration of what toolkit is available, what environment is at our disposal, and what preferable frameworks that can be used in conjunction are. 

Ionic UI toolkit or framework is an open-source solution for building cross-platform, highly performant mobile applications, websites, and desktop applications in a couple of days. It makes use of web technologies like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript and integrates popular frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular. Applications built with Ionic comes with 3rd party plugin support.? Also, Ionic developers can skip the resubmission of the apps on the app store. They may simply push changes and it will be updated.?

Earlier iOS Teams used to create iOS Applications, Android teams used to build Android Apps, Web Teams used to build websites or web apps, and Desktop Teams used to create Desktop applications. But now web teams can create iOS applications, android applications, websites/web apps, or desktop applications.

What does Ionic documentation offer?

  • Ionic documentation comes with an installation guide that leads to steps for setting up the system and installing the framework.
  • It comes with a UI Component library that assists in creating beautifully designed UI.
  • It includes Native Functionality that integrates native device plugins like Maps, Bluetooth, HealthKit, and more.
  • It makes use of theming that is used to easily customize and modify Ionic app?s Visual design to fit your brand. 

Technology Stack: Compatible Ionic Features

  • 3rd Party Integrations – Microsoft Intune, Firebase, Apple Pay, Zebra Datawedge, Realm, Google Maps
  • Analytics – Sentry, LogRocket, Rollbar
  • Authentication – Ping Identity, Microsoft active Directory, Auth0
  • CMS – sanity.io, Prismic, Strapi
  • Databases – SQLite, Firebase, Couchbase Lite
  • DevOps – Testflight, Jenkins, Travis CL
  • Development – Google Play Beta, Sauce Labs, TestFairy
  • Marketing – AdMob, Intercom, Google Analytics
  • Messaging – AWS Amplify, FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging), OneSignal
  • Navigation – Capacitor All-in-One Maps Integration, Google Maps
  • Payments – Google Pay, Fiserv Payments, Apple Pay
  • Security – Microsoft Intune, Vmware Workspace ONE UEM, IBM Security MaaS360
  • Smart Technology – Ionic OCR integration, Zebra DataWedge, ABBYY Real-Time Recognition
  • Social – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest
  • Testing – Testflight, Travis CL, and Diawi
  • Voice – Alan

Benefits of Ionic App Development

  • Ionic is also used to build progressive web apps. It makes use of the native plugin ecosystem, powered by the Capacitor project and Ionic Native. 
  • Ionic comes with the best toolkit for building applications with modern web technologies, reduces time to market, and scales quickly. (1)Ionic Framework, (2)Native Plugins, (3)Official Enterprise Extensions, (4)Appflow, and (5)Ionic CLI are five major components of Ionic App Development.
  • Applications built with Ionic Framework integrate with cross-platform mobile SDK to build secure mobile applications with a single codebase. What?s more? Ionic Auth makes mobile single sign-on easy. 
  • Ionic enables deploying to iOS and Android on handsets and tablets at a minimal price. Ionic Appflow is being used to deploy live updates without the need to rely on app stores to continuously push new versions of the app directly to the users in real-time.
  • Compile native binaries with the help of Pro which packages the app and creates native APK and IPA binaries based on the selected version.  
  • Ionic biometrics makes secure, drop-in mobile biometrics, and Ionic storage makes fast and secure offline capabilities. 
  • Developing customizable mobile applications with Ionic can be cost-effective
  • Ionic saves money – It makes use of web technologies, single codebases, and the same teams to work on mobile and web applications, and makes use of widely practices skills to save money and time.   
  • Ionic is robust – It makes way for feature-rich applications with support from the web development community. 
  • Open-source, stable enterprises – The core Ionic software development kit is open-source and free. It offers enterprise support and longevity.
  • Ionic comes with native runtime to hook into device APIs like geolocation, file storage, camera, microphone etc. on every platform web, android, ios using JavaScript. Plus, developers do not require to know Swift or Kotlin to code with native features. 

More Ionic Offerings

Ionic Discord

Ionic Forum


Capacitor facilitates modern native applications with native runtime along with tooling, plugins and full native access. Besides Ionic, it can be flexibly used with any modern web app technology.

Other Premier Offerings by Ionic

Appflow, Stencil, Portal, Identity Vault, Secure Storage, and Auth Connect

Ionic GitHub


How to get started with Ionic App Development?

Going forward, Ionic’s cross-platform development kit is built with popular JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular. Ionic Developers should start with CLI or use the Ionic App Wizard. 

When the Ionic framework focuses on user experience and interfaces interactions, it involves UI controls, interactions, animations, gestures, and integrations with Angular, React, and Vue. 

It has three product document sets:

  • Ionic React – To build cross-platform mobile app user interfaces with React.
  • Ionic Angular – To create cross-platform mobile app user interfaces with Angular.
  • Ionic Vue – To build cross-platform user interfaces with Vue.

Why should start-ups choose Ionic App Development?

Ionic offers a faster time to market. So if you value shipping speed, quality, and efficiency, working across with a single code and then deploying it across platforms can resolve this issue a bit. It comes with various UI components, APIs, and Plugins to set the pace of your mobile app development. Additionally, you get to enjoy a rapid application development cycle and a bug-free experience. Overall, while choosing a mobile app development company for Ionic for app development, startups need to consider:

  • Types of websites
  • Compatibility with technology partners
  • The level of support they need
  • Customizing all features to be added to the website/app
  • Calculate the costs

10 Best Hybrid Applications with Ionic Framework

  • TD Trading: Stock Trading App
  • Pacifica: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • MarketWatch: Stock Market and Business News
  • Sworkit: Workout and Fitness Plan
  • Nationwide: Insurance and Financial Services
  • Cryptochange: Cryptocurrency Tracker
  • Untappd: Social Discovery and Check-in Network
  • JustWatch: Streaming Search Engine
  • National Museum of African American History and Culture
  • ChefSteps: Cooking Tutorials and Tool

Let?s Get Started: Hybrid App Development with Ionic

Ionic is popularly known as an open-source developer-first platform. It comes with world-class documentation, Mobile-SDK, a CLI for building and testing, a cross-platform native bridge, React/Angular/Vue integrations, and a worldwide community. 

With Ionic, cross-platform app developers can customize and create without limitation. Ionic bestows complete control of how the app is being built. It offers unlimited customizations, native power and performance across any device.?

Ionic App Development Companies make use of HTML5, CSS, and SaaS to create hybrid mobile applications for Windows, Android, and iOS. Ionic has enforced around 5 million applications. It is free and open-source and enjoys wide community support. 

Hire the best app development agency to empower your startup with sustainable and cost-effective applications.