Splendors Of Desert Safari Dubai

Travelers in Dubai often look for ideal places to visit, spend leisure time and enjoy tourism. The desert safari Dubai is the most popular touring destination among them. Tourists feel not only comfortable in this place but also get amazing opportunities to explore nature by riding camels or taking pictures on sand dunes. The desert safari is the most talked about tourist activity in Dubai, UAE.

Tourists come to Dubai especially to explore the fascinating beauty of the Desert and enjoy camel rides on hot golden dunes. For this purpose, luxurious four-wheel drives take tourists into the heart of Arabian sand dunes to enjoy memorable moments. 

Tourists can also enjoy horse riding and adrenaline rush activities, not just camel rides. Tourists can also arrange overnight stays in tents pitched at specific points in the middle of vast land to cherish unforgettable memories with family or friends before leaving for home.

Each vehicle has trained drivers who know how to guide people all the time without getting lost. These authorized trainers remain with people all the time to ensure their safety and comfort during desert safari Dubai. They also keep a close eye on tourists to know what they want and provide them accordingly.

Tents of different colors, sizes, and shapes are pitched in sand dunes for visitors under the supervision of experienced staff. The overnight stay offers excellent opportunities to foreigners to watch amazing sand by sitting beside a campfire or lying on soft mattresses laid down for them inside luxurious tents.

 In addition, they get a chance to enjoy live shows and the talent of the artists. You can also enjoy a delicious dinner with the performances. Visitors can do shopping from shops set near campsites to buying gifts for their friends and family back home.

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About the splendors of the Desert

The Desert is one of the most beautiful places in Dubai that attracts a vast number of tourists each year. It can be described as a sandy area where no plants or living things are seen due to hot temperature less rainfall for years together. 


Desert has specific features like sand dunes that vary in size and height depending on how much time they have taken to form. Tourists come here to enjoy a variety of activities like:

Camel ride

Riding camel is one of the famous and unique activities you can enjoy during a desert safari. Camels are those animals that can stay under the sun for hours without getting tired. They breathe fresh air and provide coolness to travelers who feel like they are traveling in a different world. You can ride them by holding saddles provided on their backs.

Dune bashing

Driving four-wheelers through sand dunes is also a fun activity you can enjoy with your family members or friends on holiday. You will get amazing views while going through the Desert where no living thing can be seen for miles together. This gives travelers a chance to cherish unforgettable memories of their lifetime.


Souvenir shops are set up for tourists where they can purchase things to be taken back home as a memory of this tour. You will find various items that include traditional dresses, perfumes, soft drinks, teapots, and camel riding sticks. You can purchase these things at very affordable rates from nearby markets before returning from a desert safari Dubai.


Tourists are provided with delicious meals during this tour to keep them healthy and energized. Breakfast, lunch, tea/coffee breaks are scheduled in the middle of the safari to give travelers enough time for dining. Buffet-style food is served where travelers can help themselves with varieties of dishes.


Tents pitched in sand dunes provide the facility for travelers to enjoy overnight stays with all necessary arrangements for comfort. Visitors can lie on soft mattresses laid down inside tents while enjoying the air conditioning system available inside tents. There you will also have access to bathrooms and toilets installed and shower rooms to freshen up during the hot summer season.


Photographers will also be there to take your pictures at sunrise and sunset and while riding on a camel. You can capture your memories and save them for a lifetime. There are no restrictions on taking pictures, so you can freely roam around the Desert and take photographs. Even during any ride, you can capture the view.

Final Words

So, these are the splendors and the activities that every tourist can enjoy with their heart. Whether you are young or a kid, you can enjoy everything in the Desert. If you want to visit this place, hold your breath and come here!

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