Some Extra Love For Your Dog

Dogs are usually pretty happy and fun-going fur babies. Their entire day goes by, waiting for you by the door, and the moment you step in, they want to pounce on you and fill you with kisses. This is how they express their love. They?ll follow you around the house when you?re doing chores. And they?ll want to sleep on your lap when you?re watching a movie. That?s how simple it is for puppies. They live to love you. 

I believe that my dog has taught me to love unconditionally, have patience, and lower my expectations. I might sound quite solid, but lowering my expectations has helped me be a happier person; it?s the little things that excite me and fill my eyes with sparkles, just like my fur baby?s puppy eyes. My dog just turned one, and for his birthday, I wanted to treat him to the best present. That?s when I came across Barkbox Review and eventually, I ended up purchasing their subscription. So far, my dog?s loving it, and I love it even more!?

The Best Treats & Toys for your Pup!

Although I am not a very experienced pet parent, throughout the year, I have tried out several treatment options and toys to keep my puppy entertained and healthy at the same time. Some of my top picks are:

Peanut Butter Dots:?

My dog loves peanut butter; he can lick off an entire jar if I don?t keep an eye on him. To treat him now and then, I try to prepare treats at home. I put some mini circles of peanut butter on parchment paper, and occasionally I?ll mix peanut butter and honey and freeze them. Honey is a good source of natural sugars, but don?t add it often. After 6-8 hours, I take them off of parchment paper and put them in a resealable bag. This makes an excellent cooling treat, especially on hot days.

Berry Melon Juice:

Well, not exactly juice, but my pup likes strawberries and blueberries. I had blended four strawberries with half a cup of blueberries. It?s recommended to give fluids in very small quantities to your pets, and I would suggest that you only give 4-5 tablespoons of this paste. It?s a good alternative to water, but do not feed it to them very often.


Squeaky toys are fun, and it gets them to interact more. I recently came across toys that have a little opening that you can fill with tiny-sized treats, and your dog can enjoy treats every time he plays with them. A tiny robotic gadget that moves everywhere in the room and it ejects treats every 2-3 minutes is also a great option to have to keep your dogs engrossed and busy for a long time.

?Woof, woof?

Your pets deserve the best since they give the best affection and love as no one else does! Happy Pets, Happy You!

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