Expert Advice: Snow and Ice Removal for Risk Management

Snowfall can be a great sight to behold at first. But then whether it’s a residential or business property, there are snow and ice removal for risk management. Snow removal needs immediate action. Immediately after a snowfall, the entrance, side-walk, and other high-traffic areas should be cleared off without wasting time. This would get rid of the risks of slips and injuries for members of your family and residents. For this purpose, you should plan your snow removal methods ahead of snowfall or winter. If you try to wait till when snowfall is forecasted, you may not have enough time to make adequate preparation. 

Pre-Storm Preparation: Snow and Ice Removal for Risk Management

Here is some expert advice for snow and ice removal for risk management.?

Inspect your roof: Before experiencing a snowstorm, ensure you check that your gutter and drain are in perfect condition. The water sprout should be intact and channel water away from areas where there is heavy traffic.

Cut branches low: Trim trees that could easily fall when there is heavy snowfall. Trees can fall on buildings and break roofs. So, this should be well-checked.

Inspect your heating: Confirm that your home heating system is ready for emergencies. If possible, get a backup heating system. Also, get enough fuel to take you through severe snowstorm periods.

Control the temperature of unoccupied areas in your home: Keep unoccupied areas in your home at 45 degrees F to get rid of pipe freezing. Even if the areas are not in use, ensure to keep the areas regulated.

Mark walkways and driveways with stakes: It might not be easy for you to find your way when it snows heavily. Therefore, you need to mark your driveways and walkways to help you locate paths easily.

Professional Snow Removal Tips

Here are some professional snow removal suggestions and techniques for your use:

Do not get snowed in: Just in case of emergencies, ensure you keep a clear path to the car to avoid being trapped. 

Keep snow far from your foundation: Do not pile snow close to the foundation of the building. It could cause frozen pipes and cracks in the foundation.

Rake slope roofs: for properties with sloppy roofs, make use of rakes to rake down the snow and ice on them. Make use of tools that are designed for this purpose. 

Professional Snow Plowing Tips

One of the most effective techniques for clearing driveways is by plowing. These are the methods to keep in mind if you decide to handle this yourself:

Ensure you Plow after snowfalls: On days when you experience heavy snowfalls, make passes so that the snow does not accumulate. Delay may cause the snow to become hard or icy. Also, the warm condition may turn it into a messy condition. By doing the right thing on time you will make the removal easier for you. 

Go through the owner?s manual: Go through the owner?s manual for your snow plow. Remember that snowplows can be big and dangerous. So it needs who can operate it right.

Buy snow tires: To make your plowing much easier and buy snow tires and all-season tires. Your tires cannot push snow easily if they do not have traction. 


Following the techniques for snow and ice removal for risk management is best if you want to provide effective removal. If you cannot handle the removal process by yourself you can reach out to the closest snow and ice removal service in your neighbourhood. 

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