5 Snack Options To Make Your Football Game Nights More Fun    


The UK is a country with a large number of passionate sports fans. Major sporting events in 2023, like the Wimbledon, the Formula 1 British Grand Prix, the NFL London Games, and the Guinness Six Nations series, drew in hundreds of thousands of spectators. Additionally, the viewership for these events on TV has been extremely high. If you are a football enthusiast, 2024 is a year with an action-packed calendar. With the FA Cup, the UEFA Champions League and Euro 2024 coming up, planning ahead and hosting your friends for a game night may be a good idea.

Football night menu items must be quick, easy to make, and delicious. Stock up on many Indian snacks or instant foods and focus on cheering for your favourite team. Here are some snack ideas you can explore –

1.  Munchies and Matches –

When it comes to game night snacks, opt for ordering snacks online in the UK. To bring an assorted mix of savouries and munchies , visit Haldiram’s UK website and choose from their extensive range of snacks. From khatta meetha or nav rattan mixtures to bhujia and Bhakhar badi – lay out a delightful snack platter. There are different types of savoury bhujias, mixtures, and snacks to choose from. For health-conscious guests, you can add savoury peanuts, cashew nut mix, or makhanas. Additionally, namak paras and mathris are perfect small bites to include.

2.  Classic Indian snacks –

Looking for classic Indian snacks that match the fervour of the game? Something to bite into as the excitement mounts and you watch the moving scoreboard? Ready-to-eat samosas, mathris, kachoris, and masala khari puffs are just right for these moments. Pop them in the microwave or serve straight from the pack. Another great option is packaged bhel puri, which comes with a flavouring pack and pre-packaged chutney. This takes only a minute to assemble and is an instant hit with everyone who loves this popular street food. Visit the Haldiram’s UK website and get your favourite munchies delivered to your doorstep!

3.  Sweet moments –

Prepare to cheer on your favourite team with mouth-watering Indian desserts that are perfect for the occasion. Soan Papdi is a light and flaky sweet that melts in your mouth, making it an ideal treat for football nights. For those who prefer a little crunch, Habsi Halwa is an excellent option. Panjeeri Ladoo is another delicious choice made from wheat, nuts, and ghee. These sweets are all dry and won’t create any mess with sticky syrups, so you can fully enjoy the game while indulging in these treats.

4.  Finger foods and more –

If you and your friends enjoy finger foods and traditional cuisine, then it might be a good idea to grab a few packs of instant khaman dhokla or idli mixes. These mixes can be quickly prepared and steamed, allowing you to serve the dishes within minutes. When it comes to football nights, it is important to be able to keep up with the game and avoid spending too much time in the kitchen. Preparing options such as oats and rava idlis before the match and reheating them when needed can be a great way to quickly serve snacks without missing any action.

5.  Ready-to-eat meals –

If you want a quick and easy meal option on match nights, heating and serving ready-to-eat meals can be a great solution. Whether you’re a fan of rajma-rice, choley-rice, instant upma or instant dal khichi, there are plenty of delicious combinations to choose from. And if you want something more hearty, stock up on pouches of palak paneer, aloo mutter, or dal makhani that can be heated up and served with rotis. With these options, you can enjoy warm and wholesome food without missing any of the action on the field.

Get ready to enjoy the upcoming 2024 football season with your loved ones and neighbours. Prepare a variety of quick meals and snacks that you can serve during the games. If you or your guests have young children, consider offering less spicy dishes such as plain makhanas, upma, or plain idlis. Pair these with dipping sauces or instant chutneys for added flavour. Make sure to have sodas and other beverages on hand to keep everyone hydrated while they watch the thrilling on-field action.