Why Smart Homeowners Prefer Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Over Pressure Washing?

If you are cleaning your roof, it’s essential to ensure that you’re employing safe and efficient methods to provide the clean you want without damaging your roof during the process. That’s why soft wash roof cleaning is now the most popular method for roof cleaning across the country.

Spending thousands of dollars on the new roof will increase the worth of the house. Although a gain for a home improvement project might not seem something, it’s higher than the amount homeowners can earn from other projects. 

In their inaugural Remodeling Impact Study, which was published in 2015, Realtor Magazine studied “the resale value and customer satisfaction of 12 interiors and eight exterior projects.” The findings are not surprising to those who have been involved in selling or purchasing of properties.

Homeowners are struggling to pay their costs or even turn a profit for most home renovation projects, whether it’s new hardwood flooring, a refinishing of hardwood floors, or an upgrade to insulation.



Do you really need to be concerned if you are planning to sell your house?

Certainly! Maintaining your roof as new isn’t just about appearance. It’s a benefit beyond making buyers pay more for your home.

Benefits of Keeping Your Roof Clean

Before discussing pressure washing and soft wash roof cleaning, we will first discuss why you should clean your roof? Four reasons that aren’t financial to ensure your roof is clean.

Keep You Safe and Healthy. 

Roofs provide the conditions that mold and fungi require to grow, including sunlight’s heat, water from the air, and inadequate air circulation near the roof’s surface when it’s covered in dirt and other debris. 

If left unchecked, fungi and mold could grow and release spores which can get into your home, contaminate an HVAC system and create a danger to health for you as well as your loved ones.

You Save on Energy Bills. 

A clean surface can reflect a significant amount of the sunlight that hits it. This means that you will reduce the cost of air conditioning in the summer. Contrary to that, a clean surface absorbs the electromagnetic wave (light), which then heats up and makes you use your AC to run harder and can increase your energy costs.

Cleanliness Increases the Life of your Roof. 

Moss, algae, bacteria, lichen and mold can grow on your roofing. They cause premature degradation of the majority of roofing systems. Particularly United States used asphalt shingles roof, which are the most commonly used roof.

You don’t have to be concerned about pests. 

Roofs as well as exteriors of buildings usually attracts pests, especially birds, vermin, and raccoons. Therefore, when they discover that roof has branches, leaves and other debris, they usually decide to build their home permanently as well as a breeding ground.

Pressure Vs. Soft Wash Roof Cleaning: How Not to Clean Your Roof 

Based on these facts, maintaining your roof should be top of the list. It can protect your property’s value as well as look stunning and has benefits for health. How should you do that next issue that needs to be addressed? 

Before arguing for non-pressure cleaning and soft wash roof cleaning, we’ll take a look at some other options.

1. Do Not Use Pressure.?

Roof Cleaning professionals for a long time have relied on pressure washers to complete their tasks. Although pressure washers are always helpful in exterior cleaning but your roof is not the best location to use pressure for cleaning. While they might offer compelling arguments to justify their method of washing roofs clean, the fact is that pressure washing is a cause of irreparable damage to roofing materials. The reason roofing companies constantly caution against using pressure washers to clean their roofs.

2. Big box store Chemicals.

It’s easy to spray it onto and then forget it simply. There are constant complaints, and no result following repeated applications is the norm. The many products that are available suggest washing the product using the pressure washer over soft wash roof cleaning… evidently, that’s what homeowners want to avoid. A popular product suggests stopping usage after a year in the event when you see no results. The truth is that the numerous products offered to homeowners are not simple to apply, and they are not effective regardless of the number of applications.

3. Window Cleaners, Roofers and handymen.?

Roofers can be highly skilled and knowledgeable. Roofers know as much about professional cleaning of the roof as mechanics. Window cleaners and handymen could have many years of experience and are highly skilled in their job. Cleaning your roof professionally, however, is a highly specialized and risky task. It’s not an easy addition that can be done by those who aren’t experienced. It is also likely that they aren’t insured to maintain roofing. 

Three common roof cleaning approaches were rejected for health risk, low efficiency and risk of damage. Is there a better option to consider?

This leads us to the most secure and effective method to maintain your roof’s appearance and function with great non-pressure, soft wash roof cleaning.

Manufacturers Approve of Soft-Wash Roof Cleaning

Soft wash roof cleaning doesn’t employ excessive pressure to apply the cleaning detergent or to wash the roof. The detergents employed in soft-wash roof cleaning are extremely effective and deliver immediate outcomes that last for many years. To add icing to the cake, roof cleaning using soft-washing adheres to the manufacturer’s guidelines for the proper cleaning procedure.

If you’re considering cleaning your roof and repair, choose a reputable, non-pressure soft wash roof cleaner in Palm Beach, Florida. See photos of the work that he has done as and references from satisfied customers.

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