Smart Bathroom Gadgets of 2020 That You Must Know

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The idea of digitalising your bathroom with smart gadgets may not appeal to your brain too much. As bathroom is the less spent area of all the rooms in your home, you may be thinking that it?s a waste to spend money on gadgets here.

However, if you want to make your bathroom clever, many exciting gadgets in the market can help you to get ready in no time. Moreover, if you?re the person who likes to take a long shower or tub baths, then it?s a must for you to look into these gadgets.

So, without any delay, let us introduce you to the smart bathroom gadgets that are trending in 2020:

Smart Bluetooth Speaker

We all have that habit to sing aloud while jets of water are splashing on us from the showerhead. So, what if you have a gadget that plays songs so that you can sing along with it? A smart Bluetooth speaker does that for you. 

Waterproof and portable, you just have to connect the device using your phone?s Bluetooth, and the songs go on playing while you shower for the day. And this Bluetooth speaker does more than just playing songs. You can speak to Google Assistant for organising your calendar, making to-do lists, etc.

With these tech options, you can do multi-tasking by showering and organising your day at the same time.

Smart toothbrush 

To keep teeth clean and germ-free, most people brush harder. However, the trick is in brushing more smartly. And so this smart toothbrush is invented.

With 5 different brushing modes, timer options, and an app to keep track of your brushing habits, this gadget makes brushing easy and smart for you. It can deep clean your mouth by going to the deepest parts of your teeth set. It?s also easily available in online stores like Amazon.

Smart water monitor (for tracking water usage)

Water scarcity is now becoming more than ever around the world. And if you use more water, the more you have to pay the bill. So, you need a gadget to track the water usage in your bathroom, especially if your family members are careless with water usage.

The smart water monitor allows you to track water flow when you attach the screen to fixtures like the showerhead, toilet, or sink. You can collect data by connecting the device to Wi-Fi and analyse which fixture is using more water in real-time. And the best part is you can also detect leaks using this monitor.?

After looking at the data, you can conduct and provide coaching to your family members on how to efficiently use water.

Showerhead and wireless speaker

What if you don?t like the songs coming out of a speaker but from the showerhead itself? Luckily, there is a gadget for this.

The showerhead and wireless speaker, which can be attached to the showerhead, allows you to listen to the songs, news, podcasts, etc. As it has a wireless speaker built into the device, you can remove and take it anywhere you want the music to follow you. Also, there?s no fear of water going into the device as it can be attached in a safe place on the showerhead where water is not sprayed. You can also attach it to the body spray handle.

Night lights

Do you want an escape from groping the walls for turning on the bathroom light? Then it?s best to install night lights in your bathroom. They automatically turn on when the natural light is below the optimum sight level. Using these lights is also easy as you just have to plug them into the socket. You can also use them in bedrooms and hallways as they softly illuminate the path leading to the bathroom.

Lighted vanity mirror

Another interesting gadget is the lighted vanity mirror. When you want to become ready at night without turning on the bathroom lights, then it?s the best one for you. It comes with a large round mirror surrounded by a ring of adjustable lights, which means, you can control the amount of light emitting from the bulbs. It?s best for bachelors who come in and go at any time of the day.

Become Smart Bathroom Owner Today

You can use fixtures like shower screen to approach the smart bathroom renovation. However, the real cleverness comes when you use digital gadgets that make your bathroom alive whenever you step into the area. The above-mentioned gadgets are some of the smart devices which help to make your bathroom look modern and functional.

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