Small Design Touches That Make a Difference in a Home

When it comes to decorating your home, you?ve got big improvements that can transform any room, then there are the smaller details that are often forgotten.

These small design additions can add the finishing touches to your own unique style. Even though they are small changes, they can make a dramatic effect on your overall decor.


Curious to see if your home would benefit from these?

Here are seven small design touches you can add to your home today:

1. Unique Hardware

Every house comes equipped with a decent amount of hardware. We?re talking door handles, cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, and even light switches.

Think of all the special ways you can add charm to your home just by switching up your hardware.

An ornate light switch with matching outlet covers can make any room look more interesting.

Instead of the traditional doorknob, why not try out an artistic door handle? Check out these fascinating doorknob options.

2. Exclusive Lighting

Another overlooked way to add a special flair to any room is by investing in extraordinary lighting.

Aside from the traditional chandelier, you can upgrade your source of light by adding pendant lights, wall sconces, or recessed lighting to change the mood of the room.

To take it one step further, you can also opt for handcrafted lamps that are their own piece of work.

One look at Etsy can open up your mind to the many ideas of how to light up a room.

3. Beautiful Area Rugs

There?s no better way to transform a space than by laying out a carefully curated rug.

Finding the right rug that belongs in each room is no easy task. Rugs should be chosen according to size, thickness, color, style, and shape.

The trick is to shop for rugs from a reputable source with a large variety of choices.

4. House Plants

To add life to your home, it?s important to include something living. Houseplants are one of the best ways to make your home feel more fresh and open.

Many people are afraid to kill their houseplants so they don?t bother investing in one but there are so many plants that you can buy that need very little care.

And just think of all the interesting containers you can place your plants in to add even more style to your home.

5. Unexpected Backdrops

A blank wall or boring bookshelf can be jazzed up with a few carefully placed pieces of wallpaper or some stenciled paint.

When you add these special touches to unexpected places, you show that you take great pride and joy in your home.

Look at how much better a bookshelf looks when it has a unique backdrop.

Accent walls are also a great way to break up a large chunk of solid color. Check out examples of that here.

6. The Perfect Piece of Art

Art has long been a way for humans to express their individuality. The great thing about art is that it doesn?t have to be created by you for you to speak through it.

Your art collection tells volumes about who you are. If you haven?t invested in a piece of art for your home, now may be the time.

It may be that you are intimidated by the process. This article helps you learn how to choose the perfect pieces of art for your home.

7. Eye Catching Tablescapes

Tables are very functional pieces of furniture, however, they are also a blank canvas for you to work with.

You can add a unique touch to your home by creating eye-catching tablescapes or vignettes.

An entry table could have a large floral design for a more elegant look or a minimalist sculpture. There are so many ways to style a tablescape to affect the atmosphere of the room.

Of course, a tablescape is meant to be more than just decor, but a celebration of the guests as well. Read more about this here.


Adding character and style to your home doesn?t have to be expensive or complicated as these small changes have proven.

Sometimes you need to sit back and look for details that are missing in your home that you would enjoy. It?s when you pay careful attention to your living space that it truly transforms into something you love.