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single wall corrugated boxes

As we analyze various types of packaging solutions available at our disposal single wall corrugated boxes can be considered as one of the most feasible solutions in terms of functionality, durability and cost. Single wall corrugated boxes as a product type is offered by Avon Packaging as the best packaging solution with wide application. This definitive overview explores the details of the box, its advantages, and it uses across various industries.

Learn What Single Wall Corrugated Boxes Mean

single wall corrugated boxes ‚Äď single wall corrugated box manufacturers may also be termed as one trip boxes and are made from a single sheet of corrugated material with paper or cardboard on both sides of the material. This construction offers a canopy style product that is strong enough for storage and movement of items, yet easy in its weight. The fluting which is an inner layer comprises a series of parallel elongate, generally V-shaped pockets and spaces that provide the box the necessary strength and rigidity.

Components of Single Wall Corrugated Boxes

  • Outer Liner: The final layer through which the surface for branding and printing was made to look polished and fine.
  • Corrugated Medium (Flute): The cushion, which is made between the liners as the wavy layer of the shoe that help to minimize impact forces.
  • Inner Liner: The deepest layer in the structure that also offers protection to the contents within the parcel, complementing the previous layer.

Advantages of Single Wall Corrugated Boxes


With the help of an expert and quality single wall corrugated boxes, one of the greatest advantages is its cheapness. The construction materials used for these boxes are cheaper than most other packaging materials, hence makes the boxes cheap packaging material for any company.

Lightweight Yet Strong

Nonetheless, single-wall corrugated carton types are among the strongest packaging materials despite their comparatively low weight. The first type of cardboard used in the manufacturing of the box is the corrugated medium mainly used to handle pressure and impacts in order to offer the contents the necessary protection during handling and transportation.


RESPONSIBILITY FOR SUSTAINABILITY At Avon Packaging, sustainable management of our resources is embraced. The type of box we offer at our company is the single wall corrugated boxes fabricated from materials that can be recycled, thus being friendly to the environment. They are recyclable hence people in the society will reduce the cases of dumping unnecessary items whereby they can be reused.


It is however essential to understand that single wall corrugated boxes are particularly flexible and may be used in various packaging applications. Whether you require it for transportation, stock or for showcase, we can customize these boxes in terms of length, width and depth print the logo that best depicts your company.

Uses of single wall corrugated boxes

Shipping and Transportation

Due to the robustness and robust nature of once wall corrugated boxes, they are ideal when it comes to transportation and shipment. They can safely transport almost any items, from small and fluffy things to goods with moderate weight and size, thus providing that they will arrive at the destination without being damaged.

Storage Solutions

Besides, they are useful when used in shipment or if you want to store certain items in specific boxes. by virtue of their structure they are easily stackable and hence conserve space which is a big factor in warehouses and storage stations among others. They shield items from dirt, moisture, and various weather conditions so that things in them remain intact.

Retail Packaging

Single wall corrugated boxes are commonplace in retail for the packaging of products and their use to display products on the shelves is extensive. This kind of design enables brands and product descriptions to be easily readable and understandable to the consumers thus making the shopping experience a good one.

E-commerce Packaging

Seeing the trend of e-commerce surging high in the market, the need for more protective and efficient packaging solutions is required. There are several benefits of single-wall corrugated boxes for the online businesses involved in the transportation of their products safely to the customers in the desired condition.

Customization Options

Being the best packaging company in town, Avon Packaging Company has realized that there are different packaging needs in various business entities. That’s why we offer a range of customization options for our single wall corrugated boxes:That’s why we offer a range of customization options for our single wall corrugated boxes:

Size and Dimensions

In size and dimension, we can design a box of our choice, and this would be ideal for packaging customers’ products regardless of how big or small they are. Evaluations of these options indicate that custom size ensures that the products are well fit, experience minimal movement and possible damages along their transport cycle.

Printing and Branding

Our high-quality print options include brand awareness building. You will be able to print your logo, description of your line of product, and other corporate images with ease, whether you want single color or multiple color logos on the boxes.

Protective Coatings

To increase durability further protection, there are several coatings like water and UV protective coatings that can be offered. These coatings give the boxes a better life span and enable them to pres in various circumstances.

Quality Assurance

The company policy on quality is well defined at Avon Packaging as it is the policy that drives all that the company does. Our single wall corrugated boxes offer exceptional quality and strength; our boxes are also tested to meet all the requirements for toughness and performance. We ensure that our boxes are made out of the best quality materials and through the help of the our highly technical manufacturing processes, we provide your products with highest level of protection it deserves.


Single walls corrugated boxes are flexible, financially reasonable, and sustainable solution for packaging suitable for various programs. At Avon Packaging, our passion is remarkable packaging and we therefore offer you top-notch quality boxes that address your unique requirements. From use in transport and storage, to displays in shops and through online shopping our single wall corrugated boxes can be trusted for the kind of protection that your packages need and with the added bonus of being able to be branded for your product.