Exploring Simple Game Development Techniques Using Text Editors

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Over the years, there has been massive interest in developing games, but most developers use traditional ways to develop varieties of games, including software tools and programming languages.

This post will show you how to make the famous Snake game in Notepad.

But with the evolving of technology in recent times. There is a need to engage in technology facilities to beat up with the recent changes coming from the tech world. Part of the facility of technology to enable effectiveness and innovation is the availability of text editors for developing games. 

The text editors for games can be used to develop varieties of games. So, in this article, there will be an exploration of the game development techniques found while leveraging the use of text editors for game development.

What Are The Text Editors For Game Development?

Text editors are platforms that give maximum access to game developers to work on different operating methods without any unwarranted issues.

Various text editors for game development include Notepad, sublime text, coda, textmate, and visual studio code. They are also called computer programs that enable users or developers to create, edit, change, and open plain text or are used for game coding.

Game Development Techniques Using Text Editors

Here, there will be an exploration of the game development techniques found while utilizing the text editors. The game development techniques using text editors integrate with the game programming languages and configuration files to establish and enhance good game content and necessary game scripts. Look into below as the techniques.

Facilitating Scripts

Text editors facilitate scripts, and they are used in the game engines to define the interaction between the user and the game environment and events that occur in case of using the game. Python, Javascript, and Lua are the languages that scripts are mostly written. 

Editing Code

Text editors are mostly used in editing, coding, and writing game code. Developers use Python, Javascript, and Lua to write game coding. Text Editors make provision for other features like the completion of code and essential elements to enable the creation and perfect editing process of code in the game.

Establishment of Game Loop

Among the structures of developing games, the loop is seen as the central part of developing any game; it handles the logic, gives an update about the state of the game, processes user input, and helps draw graphics. Using a text editor gives room for properly managing the game logic in the game loop.

Testing and Debugging

Another technique found in the text editors is the testing and debugging section. This technique involves the ability to detect and fix errors. Few of the text editors in this section enable users to show or detect any possible errors that might occur. It allows them to run the game from the editor section.

Accessible Community Resources

Text editors employ This interesting technique to make provisions for beginners in game development. This community resource contains resources, open-source projects, and tutorials that can help any game developer to navigate their development journey. Text editors gain easy access to documents that are online based, forums, and code depositories giving out the privilege to learn and get more insights from experienced developers. You can also be privileged to join the game development communities and share your experience to rest.

Inserting of Game Mechanics

The Mechanics found in such a game determines how the players relate to the game environment. Game developers can insert the game’s basic mechanics by using the code inserted in the text editor.


The use of text editors can never be emphasized in the development of any game. Using it makes adequate room for editing game code, facilitating scripts, and making room for accessibility of community resources, among many others. 

Also, effective use of text editors for developing any game does enhance. It guarantees that game users will have the opportunity to enjoy their stay while playing such a game and refer others to play likewise.


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