Choose Silver Gemstone Rings Based On Your Birthstone

Gems come with so many benefits for the wearer. These colorful crystals not only add beauty to the accessories but bring healing to the wearer. The metaphysical aspects of a gemstone are so powerful that they can quickly transform the circumstances in a person?s life. They have been used in therapies by shamans and priests for a long time. Our ancestors used these stones to heal diseases and prolonged illnesses. And then some birthstones are unique for people born in a particular month.?

There is a birthstone for everyone that solves the confusion of choosing a particular stone based on its healing properties. This also gives us a gift option when buying gemstone jewelry for a loved one. Rananjay Exports has an exquisite gemstone jewelry collection in the latest designs and patterns. Their birthstone rings collection is quite popular and consistently high in demand. In this blog, we have covered the most asked for birthstone rings, so as a retailer, you know what can be the best addition to your jewelry collection.

Birthstone For People Born In June:?

so popular in europe?s medieval period, and even now, moonstone is the birthstone for people born in june that is the gemstone is for the geminis. The gem is best for people who want to attain emotional balance in life. It brings passion and creativity to the wearer. A traveler?s stone, it was worn in amulets while traveling at night. The gemstone can take off the emotional severities during the waxing and waning of the moon. It brings peace and can re-energize the mind. It is a protective gem and keeps the negativity away.

The soft glow of a moonstone attracts one and all. It has the delicate appeal useful for fine jewelry. Its shine goes perfectly with the white metals. Moonstone jewelry is preferred for its sophisticated look.?

December Birthstone:

Turquoise jewelry one of the oldest gemstones, is the Birthstone for people born in December. The refreshing color of the gem has so many admirers, and when it comes to its metaphysical aspects, the crystal is called a lucky charm. The kings and warriors used it in their swords and swaddles for protection. It also brings calm and relaxation to the wearer. Turquoise jewelry is worn to have an optimistic approach in life. The gemstone prepares you for new beginnings and helps you to accept them.?

The gem has a boho look and looks quite modern.?Turquoise rings?and bracelets are mostly chosen as an everyday accessories. Cocktail size turquoise rings are worn to create a statement appeal.?

Opal: The Birthstone For People Born In October

A symbol of love and passion, the gemstone looks no less beautiful than the feeling of love itself. The stone of abundance is gifted to a person to wish them good luck, health, and prosperity. It also helps the wearer to connect with the Divine Conscious. It enables the wearer to make necessary changes in themselves. Since the gem is so versatile because of its display of colors, it can be a good gift. 

The gem has a gorgeous play of colors that makes the gemstone favorite of many. It goes well with silver and is a perfect choice for earrings. The stone has a prismatic beauty. The gemstone has color patterns too that are not similar on two stones; hence, no two opals are identical. The unique beauty of an opal jewelry goes well with almost any color outfit.


Birthstone for people born in February. The gemstone is found in soft pink, yellow, and cherry red colors. It is a good crystal to develop self-love and compassion. The pink rose gemstone is best to forget the past traumas and lighten up the mood as it enables you to have empathy for yourself and others as well. Rhodchrosite jewelry works for the heart and eliminates the lingering bad energies. It is an excellent crystal to welcome new love into life and is popular for promoting childlike joy and happiness.?

The gem looks like a modern accessory when designed in silver. The beautiful hues and patterns of the stone are so endearing to the females. The crystal is rare and looks stunning when used raw. The gem looks gorgeous in all kinds of jewelry. 

Where To Buy Gemstone Accessories?

Gemstone jewelry?is a thoughtful gift for a loved one. However, one must know about the liking of the person we are gifting it to since birthstones solve half of the problem, but one must know where to buy authentic gems.?Rananjay Exports?has a wide range of gemstone accessories crafted in 925 sterling silver and rose gold vermeil that is genuine and trusted for quality. They are the best dealers in wholesale gemstone jewelry.?


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