Signs You Need at A Wedding

wedding welcome signs

Have you ever been to a wedding at a reception hall and almost walked into a random wedding because you were not sure whose it was, or have you ever looked around and wondered how in the world you were going to locate your family and friends when everyone was seating in random places?

Weddings are not chaotic to the bridal party; they can be for the guests who come too. It is important to coordinate your guest so that they are able to find their way around your wedding easily, especially if it is a large crowd. To ease the confusion and make your wedding a memorable experience for your guest too, here are the most important signs for your wedding ceremony.

Greeting sign

Regardless of the location, a greeting or wedding welcome signs is a must. This lets your guests know that they have reached the right place especially if there is more than one ceremony in the same place. Your greeting sign could be anything but it usually includes the names of the couple.

wedding welcome signs

Seating arrangement

This is by far the most important. When there is a large crowd guests can be confused of where to sit. If they are able to choose random places, this is extremely inconvenient as groups of families and friends can get split up because they have had to share their table with others. This can even be uncomfortable and awkward making it an unpleasant experience for them.

In order to avoid this and make sure everyone is with their relevant family or friends, a seating plan helps you get a head count of your total crowd and how to plan it so everyone is ensured a good time. A seating plan is usually found at the entrance to reception location. It is a list of different numbers and the name of each guest under it.


 I am sure we have all had that moment when we are at the wedding and wanted to use the washroom. Then begins the mini panic attack of trying to locate it, through the many corridors and side entrances.

Signs with directions are of prime importance so that guests do not walk around for 10 minutes before finally locating the washroom. The other option of it to put up a central signboard showing guests where each place is with an arrow pointing toward that direction.


Favours are tokens you give to your guests as a memory of the special day. However, if favours are kept at a different location there is a good chance guests will miss it, even if you do announce it many times during the ceremony. A sign indicating is the best way to ensure your guests remember to stop by the table and pick up a favour.

Having signage just shows that the wedding is organized. With the newest trends and companies specializing in providing signage, you can now find them in different styles and fonts ideal fort the vibe for your wedding.


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