Should Turkish startups get trademarks registered?

trademark and what are its benefits

In today�s era, we often come across trademarks � literally all around us. In fact, such has been their involvement in our lives that we consider Band-Aid, Pampers, and Super Glue to be actual products, although they are trademarks or names of brands. But what is the purpose behind getting a marka tescil? What purpose does it serve? Let�s find out.

What is a trademark and what are its benefits?

A trademark is a brand/ logo that distinguishes your product or services from those of your competitors. The word �trademark� is a legal term that means �intellectual property�. This can either be in the form of a word, a phrase, a logo, a symbol, or a combination of any and all of these.

Here are a few reasons why a marka tescil is important for all startups.

  • Creates brand recognition: Filing a trademark is a great way of securing your brand. By opting for it, a startup makes its products and services distinctive. It becomes an intellectual property and helps businesses in creating a niche of their own. A trademark also protects your services and products from being copied by competitors. 
  • Source of strong, positive reputation: If you have a young startup and want to fight the odds against your business, you�d have to work hard and create a positive reputation, which can be done by filing a trademark. As you continue to register growth and maintain a good reputation around, more and more people would be willing to work for you. Naturally, this is great for startups willing to expand. Without a proper marka tescil, your brand would not be able to connect with the audience.
  • Averts legal issues down the line: Not registering a trademark can lead to untoward incidents, such as a legal tussle or lawsuit regarding name, sign, logo, or design of products and brand. If the other firm copies your product and uses your tagline and claims it to be theirs, you cannot fight and hope to win without a proper trademark. Thus, by registering a trademark, a startup can avoid various legal hassles in the future involving imitation of its products or services.
  • A trademark is for life: A trademark is a permanent security against brand theft or imitation, needing only periodic or occasional renewal. Think about big companies such as Pampers or Band-Aid, they�ve been the trendsetters in their respective domains and would continue doing so for the foreseeable future. Thus, as a startup, you should give a fair bit of thought to trademark research and opt for something that would immediately connect with your audience or grab their attention. Make a proper effort from your end so that the governing body doesn’t deny your trademark application. This is where a reliable trademark registration service comes in handy.
  • A company�s greatest asset: A trademark is often considered a catalyst for heightening the value of a young business or startup. Thus, it is important for you to file a trademark for marketing strategies. It will significantly aid in brand recognition and bring in more consumers. Once your business has attained a position of repute in the industry, the trademark would instill a sense of confidence in your audience and further boost your business. It is of great value when a business wants to diversify its product range, branch out through licensing and franchising, and attain more value during the sale of the brand.

Wrapping things up

Now that we�ve briefly discussed some of the many benefits of trademark registration, you sure understand its importance and why your startup needs one too. It is not only important from the get-go but will also save you tons of hassle in the future. However, if you aren�t sure about its many nitty-gritty or complications, you should take help from a reliable company in Turkey that renders services regarding trademark registration and handles the registration of other industrial property rights. Go through online reviews and choose wisely.

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