Shopify Pros & Cons by ThinkToShare

Shopify is a simple eCommerce store creator that can you help build an online shop for anyone for a small fee. E-commerce websites in the past were an exclusive thing that was meant only for big tech giants, with the help of websites like Shopify people were now able to make their online eCommerce Stores. 

With everything, there are pros and cons and in this blog, we will discuss the pros and cons of Shopify and let you decide if you should opt for it.

  • Simplicity – Shopify is simple to use and that is its biggest USP and this is the primary reason why it is one of the biggest e-commerce players in the market. Shopify is perfect for people who are not tech-savvy and who simply want a platform to showcase their products with simple instructions to create a simple interface that will host your products. This can seem excellent for someone but this can also be a deal-breaker for others. 

Shopify is not the place for you if you are looking for a lot of functionality and customisation. In the world of website designing, Shopify would compare to something like Wix or Squarespace, but for e-commerce. This is where ThinkToShare’s e-commerce services come in. With the same convenience as Shopify, we will give you the same level of functionality enjoyed by big shots like Amazon.?

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  • Themes – Shopify works on a theme model wherein you have an option to choose 10 free themes and if you do not like these themes for your website then you can opt for a paid theme that you love, which then you have to pay for. While you can learn their code and customise your website, you will most likely need an expert to help you with that. 

This makes Shopify impractical for someone who is wanting a high level of customizability and there is no point in hiring an expert to customise your Shopify website when you can hire a company like us to build you a custom eCommerce website from scratch with the level of customizability you want. 

  • App Support – This is also a great feature of Shopify that it has support for more than 1000 different apps to help you in various aspects of your business such as customer service and shipping and tracking other things and these tools are effective for someone who does not want to go into great detail and lacks the exclusive eCommerce knowledge for that. 

While this is a pro, this can also be a Con to someone who wants even more customizability and even more functionality and this is where our E-Commerce service comes in wherein we can offer you any kind of API and plugin support, as well as app support that you want and the choices, are virtually unlimited based upon your desire implement. 

  • Support – Shopify clearly lacks behind in the department of support because although they promise a 24/7 dedicated call and chat line to resolve your issues, these four different numbers of chat lines are only available if you are from the US, Newzealand and Australia or the UK. And this is where you have to acknowledge that Shopify is is a big brand and it is not expected that they will care for you as if it were your concierge service. 

This is also where we shine as well because we are an emerging tech company and we only take in the projects we know we can handle 100% and that includes 24/7 service and dedicated people and dedicated lines with the development team as well. You may be wondering all this will cost a pretty penny but these services are all complimentary to the T2S experience and are all a part of our ethos to serve our customers well. 

These were a few points about Shopify and how they lack behind in some points and how they excel in others. Although it is your calling to decide which website designing company to hire, we can assure you we provide all the services that Shopify provides for prices lower than Shopify because we at ThinkToShare believe in becoming the personal digital aid to all your digital needs.