Seven Components of the World?s Biggest Gojek Clone App

Gojek Clone App is the world?s first App that offers more than 70+ On-Demand Services. Combined with the most perfectly built features, opting for this App means the Entrepreneur has already hit the fortune! You probably already know that, but do you know about its 7 Componentes that house its 70+ Services according to the niche? 

If you don?t know them already, then read this blog till the end because I know you will be left thrilled! 


We call the 7 Components of the App ?Wonders? because only they can make you a Millionaire. With every Service that gets rendered on the App, the Entrepreneur will earn Commission. Your Users will be able to book an At-Home Service with your App, which will make them book services again and again from your App because who doesn?t want to get everything delivered right to their Comfort Zone, Right?   

Taxi Booking 

The App offers Uber-like Taxi Services such as Rentals and Car Pool. From the App, the users can book a Taxi Ride from their location to anywhere in the city. Users can book the Ride from their iOS or Android Smartphones, and also their iWatch! Users without Smartphones can also book the ride manually by calling the Admin directly.?

Online Video Consultation 

Video Calling Professionals is a fairly newer concept in the market. With Gojek Clone, getting this service gets easier. Book Online Video consultations with Doctors, Lawyers, Tutors, Fitness Coaches, and even Astrologers! Don?t worry about stepping outside the home and getting a consultation. It can happen from anywhere.?

Remember, that in this service, only credit card payments are accepted! 

Service Bidding

This service is exclusive to App. It is here that the users can post a task with details about the job after choosing the Handyman Category they want. After the post is submitted all the Handyman from the selected category are sent requests. It is now that Plumbers, Electricians, or Home Painters can MAKE AN OFFER and bid for it. 

Users can choose to hire any one of the providers who have bid for the task at a suitable price!   

On-Demand Service Providers 

Gojek Clone App lets its user’s book Beauticians, Tow Trucks, Car Washers, and other providers with just a few clicks. The many features of the App help the users select the best local service provider based on their Experience, Ratings, Reviews, and after viewing Photos or Videos of their work in the Gallery. 

Users can also hire a Service Provider using the App?s Website too! 

Parcel Delivery 

Delivering parcels, big or small, across the city just got easier with instant Parcel Delivery Service. This is similar to Uber-like Taxi Service, but here, only ?THINGS? get transported.  

Users can choose the vehicle type, size of the package, and hire the nearest delivery driver for a quicker delivery from their location to one destination or multiple! 

On-Demand Store Deliveries 

In this component, the users can order their food, groceries, medicines, medical marijuana, flowers, bottled water, and other things directly from the store, shop, or restaurant. The Gojek Clone App assigns the nearest delivery driver to the pickup location so that they can quickly pick up the order and deliver it to the user?s doorstep. 

It is here that the users can choose to opt for a Contactless Delivery!

Hire Personal Shopper or Errand Runner

Users can hire a Delivery Genie from Gojek Clone App to get some items purchased from a nearby store or shop that isn?t registered with the App or want to get the products handpicked from. The Genie will deliver the order to the doorstep wherein the user can pay them for the items + delivery. 

Users can also hire a Delivery Runner to get stuff picked up or dropped in the nearby areas. In short, they will run errands for you at a cost. 


Do you want to build a Super App with 7 Components that hold the caliber to make you a Millionaire with minimum investment cost? If yes, then dear Smart Entrepreneurs, this minute seems the right time to take the decision and fulfill your Childhood Dreams!?