SEO Company vs. In-House SEO: Which Is Right for Your Business

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Are you a business owner but do not know how to start with your SEO initiative? Not sure if in-house SEO or SEO Company is better for your business?

SEO is not a simple thing and requires a lot of attention to details while implementing it. It I not only you who have this question but lot of business owners do not know what to do while starting with their SEO initiative. 

First thing first, as a business owner you need to know what is the purpose of SEO. SEO plays an important role in optimising your online visibility and help your business reach to your targeted customer base. But how it is done? There is no one way of SEO practices and it depends on your requirements considering your business’s vision, industry, customer and many more. We as an expert SEO company in Kolkata would like to expand your idea of SEO from which you could understand which SEO to choose, a SEO company or in-house SEO. 

In House SEO 

The key benefit of establishing an In house SEO team the immediacy of communications. As mentioned earlier SEO is not a simple thing and there is no one way of SEO practices. So from that point of view having an in-house SEO team can allow you to initiate any possible approach towards SEO depending on your marketing needs without thinking about the costs. On the other had you can lead your own in-house SEO team which can make the process of communication, transparency of updates and results, support and guidance, and many other aspects a lot easier. 

Another important reason for which many organisations choose to establish their in-house SEO team is access to information and resources. There are three parts of SEO which are technical optimisation, on-page SEO and of-page SEO. On-page SEO deals with the content which required lot of information related to business strategy, marketing strategy, targeted customer, scope of business, and many more which can provide valuable insights to the in-house SEO team by maintaining transparency. An in-house SEO team can focus all on developing only one website at a time compared to SEO companies who are responsible for handling all their cline’s website. In-house SEO teams can help in exercising more control over SEO campaigns.

There might be some handful of advantages of establishing an In-house SEO team but an important challenge is the provision of training and development. SEO is constantly changing that’s why training to stay up to date with latest SEO changes is mandatory. More than the training part, researching about new trends, researching about keywords, upgrading keyword strategy is more challenging for an in-house SEO team than a professional SEO company. On the hand cost to maintain an efficient SEO teams is not always affordable especially for a Small or medium sized enterprises. 

SEO Company

We as a professional SEO Company in Kolkata would like to share some of the key advantages of availing services from a SEO company: 

As mention earlier SEO cannot be done in a single way, rather it should be done by developing a brief understanding of the marketing needs of the business. For example, a small business who need to optimise search engine ranking based on a local demography cannot afford to establish an in-house SEO team, for them the best option is SEO Company.

We as one of the best SEO Company in Kolkata, always stay updated with the change in recent trends of SEO practices. This helps us cater to any requirements of our clients and allows us to solve complex problems. Moreover, as an SEO company, we have SEO experts with expertise on several areas such as SEO strategists, technical SEO specialists, content experts, analytics and professionals, digital PR and many more. 

If you are going for SEO Company for your marketing needs then you would have an option to choose from various services. You will have the privilege to choose the best one by assessing their communication and skills sets, and can expect best results as per your requirements. More than this, as you are availing a service from team of professionals the chances of successful SEO campaigns is much more than in-house SEO. 

Lastly, as SEO companies are experts in their fields serving a lot of clients with successful SEO campaigns so they have rich experience and access to many software and tools which is very hard to expect from an in-house SEO team. 

Which one to choose?

If you are a small business owner or a marketing head from a small or medium sized enterprise, then the best option for you will be SEO Company. For organisations with larger revenues can go for in-house SEO team but still it is always recommended to avail SEOs services from a SEO company to fill out the gaps from the in-house SEO team. SEO services can be very expensive if you want to reach to a global audience for which establishing an in-house SEO experts can be ways more costlier and at the same time ineffective compared to availing services from an expert SEO company.

We here at Esspesoft, have the team of SEO experts who strive hard in providing the best SEO services in Kolkata. Before we start with a SEO project we gather all important information such as customer base, scope of business, mission and vision of the business, and many others and then initiate the right strategy for SEO campaign. We also provide over all guidance and support and maintain appropriate transparency with our client throughout the project development lifecycle. Checkout our website and contact us for information.