Selecting a Saree that Suits your Body Shape

The traditional attire that is six to nine meters long and made from each and every fabric is the prettiest attire saree. It is found in delicate sheers to the heaviest materials such as velvet and jacquard.

 This gorgeous attire can be paired with different types of blouses that can change your entire look. It can be a sleeveless blouse or a stylish sleeve blouse with adoring embellishments and lacework makes a perfect combination with the saree. It?s not just an outfit it is the love of every lady. The attire even has foreign presence and is worn by women throughout the globe.

If we talk about the body shape of a woman then everyone differs from each other. They are pretty in their own way and can flaunt any attire perfectly. 

You just need to choose the right pattern that suits your body type and gives you a fabulous look. Some of the saree draping styles look amazing on a particular body type and they are listed below. Let?s have a look at some of the body shapes and suitable saree drapes for them.   

Hourglass Body:?

The ones with perfect curves are the women having hourglass bodies. They have proportionate bust and hips with natural curves that give them a flawless appearance. Lightweight and thin fabrics are more favorable for these women.

 If you love to flaunt your curves then you can choose a beautiful net saree or a georgette saree with an open pallu and properly fitted drape that will provide you a diva appeal.  

Apple shaped Body:

When we talk about heavy body types then this is one of them. They like to wear heavy fabrics as they don?t like to flaunt their curves. They are heavier from the stomach and lower part of the body. 

A quarter sleeve blouse with a simple round neck or a v-neck makes a perfect match with the zari embroidered saree and a matching blouse. The subhash saree with intricate embellishments and designs looks fabulous on them.??

Pear shaped Body:

Women having pear shaped curves have a heavier bottom compared to their upper body. Choosing a beautiful net saree and draping it in the basic nivi style with an ulta pallu pattern gives a fabulous look to the wearer. 

Silk sarees and chiffon sarees look amazing on pear shaped women. The fabrics can make a perfect drape on the body and give the wearer a dazzling appeal. Just add some accessories and complete the overall look. 

Rectangular Body:

The women having rectangular body shape are perfect in measurement from top to bottom. They have a wide and broad shoulder that helps them to flaunt every deep neck or other broad neck designs.

 As they are slim and have a wider waist and a fitted saree drape such as nivi style or mermaid style looks alluring on them. Long and quarter sleeves blouses look ravishing on them. Georgette sarees would be the best option. 

Voluptuous Body:

A perfectly curved body that is heavy at both the upper part and the lower part is a voluptuous figure. They can flaunt their curves whenever they want and hide them if you wish. They can drape the saree in any style and look fabulous. 

The saree in open pallu paired with an elbow sleeve blouse that is properly fitted makes a sterling combination. Net, georgette, chiffon and silk will be the best fabric suitable for a voluptuous figure.  

Petite Body:

The short and slim figure is most commonly known as a petite body. They look super attractive when they choose to wear a perfect and fashionable drape. 

The pant style saree or the traditional saree with pleated ulta pallu or an open pallu will give you an extremely flaunting look. Even the print matters small motifs and thin linings makes a perfect match with a petite body. Short sleeves or sleeveless blouses are a perfect pick for these leading ladies. 

Fabric Choices for Different Body Type

There are a number of fabric choices that give a comfortable and breathable feel to the wearer. Here are some of the famous saree fabrics that will give you a delightful appeal. 


A lightweight fabric originally made from silk with the help of highly twisted yarns with the help S and Z twists. Its lightweight and breathable characteristics make it one of the most admired fabrics among all.?

Women with pear-shaped body, apple shaped body and diamond shaped body looks amazing in a playful georgette saree.  


Alike georgette chiffon is also a lightweight fabric that is made from natural fiber silk and synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon. It is less shimmery as compared to georgette with a translucent texture that makes it an immensely popular fabric. Petite body and voluptuous body women can carry the chiffon sarees with utmost elegance.??


A shimmery and smooth fabric that is a natural fiber made from the coocan of larvae of mulberry silkworm is the shiny silk. The golden thread zari on the silk saree makes it look super attractive and interesting. It is one of the most popular fabrics throughout the globe. Women with taller and slimmer figures and a rectangular shaped body looks dazzling in silk sarees.?


An ikat print jacquard saree or a patola jacquard saree looks mesmerizing on every woman. Just drape it in different styles and look astonishing at the party. As jacquard is a heavy fabric it looks amazing in the classical and traditional drapes. It?s intricate designs and traditional motif makes the saree look just dignified.?

Getting your favorite saree and draping it in different styles has now become easy due to online stores. You can get the best surat sarees wholesale price online in a number of color choices and designs that give you an option to get your favorite saree at affordable prices. Sarees with paisleys, flowers, geometric prints and traditional embroideries makes a heart melting attire that gives an extraordinary appeal to the wearer. Just choose the right one and be the center of attraction wherever you go.?????????

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