More Than A Gig: A Seasonal Job Can Be The Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Believe it or not, a holiday job doesn?t have to be a necessary evil. In fact, a seasonal job can put you in line for something that suits you very well both temperamentally and vocationally if you?re willing to give it a chance.?

More and more employers are using holiday hiring as an opportunity to find good, qualified permanent workers. The time is right to start beating the bushes for a good fit, so tune up that resume and consider the following tips from Just Get Blogging for finding seasonal employment.?

Don?t Wait

It seems like the holiday shopping season starts earlier every year. Companies today begin hiring in earnest for the holidays in the fall, which means this is the perfect time to start your job search. It?s important to begin early if you?re serious about finding the best opportunities. Employers have begun slowing seasonal hiring as early as November, with relatively few still hiring in earnest in December, so if you?ve been dragging your feet, it?s time to throw your name in the ring.??

Follow Your Interest

Some seasonal jobs really are better than others, so don?t just cover your eyes and point at a random job listing. Look into it. Find something that holds some interest for you, whether it?s a specific company or a gig that has some personal appeal. That way, your enthusiasm will show 

through, and you?ll be more likely to go above and beyond in the performance of your job, which employers notice and appreciate.

Nail the Interview

The interview is your chance to put your interest in the job on display, so come well-prepared. Spend some time researching the company, and arm yourself with good questions for the hiring manager. Be aware that many interviewers pass on candidates that exhibit little or no knowledge of the company. It?s easy enough to spend an hour or two reviewing the company?s website and recent developments.?

Also, it should come as no surprise that confidence counts for a lot in interviews — and that includes the appearance of confidence. So make sure you?re putting your best foot forward. Dress appropriately and make sure your hair and nails are well-groomed.?

Be Straightforward

Be honest about your reason for seeking the position. Hiring managers respond better to someone who?s willing to admit they need extra money for the holidays than a candidate who concocts an elaborate story that?s clearly misleading. There?s nothing wrong at all with seeking a job to earn extra money during the holidays. If your intent is to seek permanent employment, be straightforward about it, and explain why you?re interested in a long-term opportunity. It may very well set you above other candidates.

Reconsider Your Path

If you?re looking for side work because you don?t make enough money, it may be time to reevaluate your career trajectory ? especially if an extra job keeps you from spending time with family or forces you to burn the candle at both ends. Take stock of your skills and think about where you want to be in five years. You may realize that returning to school for additional skills is the best way to reach your career goals. Online degree programs make this more manageable when working a full-time job, so look for an accredited university that can help make your dream come true.

Seasonal employment doesn?t have to be a transitory situation. Many people have launched successful careers working a job they didn?t expect would last past New Year?s Day. You may even find your perfect fit.

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