Screen doors: pros and cons

    screen doors

    For those who always enjoy looking outside of your house, see the cars passing by or people walking past your house, screen doors are definitely the best ways to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about the unwanted pests or bugs.

    Screen doors are indeed, one of the interesting features that you can install to add charm to your house.

    Usually, for houses that are located in rural dwellings or farming areas, homeowners will likely opt to install a screen door in order to allow fresh air into the home without bugs and such. But even though, those living in town (no matter what style your home might be) also love the idea of a screen door.

    What are screen doors and their function?

    It is important to know what a screen door is and how it can benefit your home. It can provide comfort to your residence and secure your entry door too. It is basically a door with a screen. The most common types of screen door have wooden frames, but it is available and can be made of a variety of materials.

    It is installed to cover your exterior door; to protect entry doors from elements like rain, ice or snow and incorporates screen mesh to block bugs, flying insects or even birds from entering your living space while allowing for air, light and views.

    If it is properly installed, it is able to add an extra layer of insulation while keeping warm air in and cold air out.

    Pros of installing a screen door

    1. A screen door has the ability to enhance the appearance and attractiveness of your house. It will also help to keep the exterior door in good shape as it will help to cover it from the sun and harsh elements which will cause it to fade.

    2. Better security, to ward off a burglar from entering your house. The screen door makes it difficult for the intruder to barge in as they have to go through an additional locking system before trying to push through the front door. Most security screen doors are made with more than just an average lock. The locks used are often made of better quality of material (heavy-duty) that prevents intruders from entering. 

    3. A screen door can be very energy efficient when used in addition to an entry door. The screen provides cooler and fresher air to circulate in your living space, thus enhancing the air quality. When there is a good insulation, it helps to reduce lost air and keep the area as airtight as possible.

    4. You can still enjoy the view outside and listen to the noise without having to close your front door. You do not have to fear receiving unwanted guests such as bugs, insects. Screen doors are best at keeping the pesky critters out as well.

    5. A screen door will help to cool your house when it is hot outside or during summer especially, without you having to turn on your electricity. Less hydro means lower energy costs when the temperature soars.

    The cons of installing screen doors

    1. Screen doors can be considered as pricey as it is a specialized door with a non-standard size. Therefore, homeowners have to put an effort for additional construction to ensure the installation of screen doors process seamless. In addition, the setting up will require help from a contractor too.

    2. Screen doors can appear to be inconvenient for some as you will have to stop first before entering your house. You will have to unlock the screen door before reaching out to the front door when coming inside the house. Vice versa, if you are going out. It can be fussy when you are carrying stuff, groceries as you will have to spend some time there.

    3. For some who already have better security for exterior doors, then it might not be important to have it covered and protected more with screen doors. You will be able to save your money too as screen doors can be expensive, depending on the model type. Usually, a standard screen door is easily exposed to dents, tear and get weary.

    4.  Screen doors usually will take a beating to the elements from outside (snow, rain or heat) which makes it more prone to dents, tears and scratches.

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