3 Methods to Save & Open EML Files/Folders to MBOX For Thunderbird

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For professional as well as private contact, efficient email control is crucial, and Mozilla Thunderbird is a popular choice for collecting emails into a separate, organized area. EML files, a usual file format for storing individual emails, are essential for organizing debates, backing up important emails, and moving data between platforms. It helps to import EML files into your preferred email client to read and manage emails from several sources without any difficulties. An easy and efficient way to manually import EML files into Thunderbird is given in this article. The main objective is to import EML files into Thunderbird.


What does an EML file consist of?

A single email message can be stored in an EML file, which is the usual format. Several email programs currently support the format, which was first created by Microsoft. It’s essential to comprehend the structure and usage of EML files to handle and transport email data efficiently.

Features of EML Files

  • Structure: It consists of the whole email, including the header and body.
  • Attachments: These can contain any original documents or files from emails.
  • Compatibility: Works with a variety of email programs, including Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Portability: EML files are very portable due to their straightforward and broad interoperability.
  • Usages: Widely utilized for backup, data transfer, and archiving.
  • Accessibility: It makes maintenance simple without a separate email client because it can be opened by text editors and email applications.

Why does Thunderbird load EML files?

A crucial step for a lot of people who use email for business or personal correspondence is importing EML files into Mozilla Thunderbird. This section explores the benefits as well as the necessities of importing EML files into Thunderbird.

  • Email data centralization: All email exchanges are centralized and made easier to handle by importing EML files into Thunderbird.
  • Consolidation of history emails: All prior correspondence is available in a single area by importing significant historical emails from previous accounts into Thunderbird.
  • Improved email management: Importing EML files makes Thunderbird’s organizational efficiency tools‚ÄĒfolders, tags, and filters‚ÄĒeven more effective.
  • Data security and backup: Adding EML files to Thunderbird acts as a second backup to protect against loss of data from the original source.
  • Flexibility and compatibility: The usability of the imported EML files is improved by Thunderbird’s interoperability with a wide range of add-ons and programs.
  • Migration ease: Importing EML files makes it easier for users of a variety of backgrounds to switch email clients and requires no technical knowledge.

How do I open an EML file in Thunderbird?

EML files can be manually imported into Mozilla Thunderbird in a few different ways. These techniques are usually simple to use and don’t require any additional software to be installed on top of Thunderbird. This is an in-depth review of the best methods used to import EML files into Thunderbird.

Drag-and-drop EML importation into Thunderbird

  • Launch Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Go to the local folders and choose.
  • Select New Folder with a right-click on these.
  • After naming the folder, choose “OK.”
  • On your PC, find the EML files.
  • CTRL+A or ‘Ctrl’ to select preferred EML files.
  • To drop the files into the Thunderbird folder, use drag and drop.
  • We will import the emails from the EML files.

ImportExportTools: Importing EML into Thunderbird

  • Launch Thunderbird, select Tools, Add-ons, ImportExportTools NG, and then click Add to Thunderbird.
  • Restart Thunderbird, then choose the local folders, right-click on them, choose New Folder, give the folder a name, and then right-click again to choose ‘ImportExportTools NG’ > ‘Import messages’.
  • To import EML files, select them and press “Open.”

Method 3: Use the Import all messages from a directory option to import EML files into Thunderbird.

If you wish to import a lot of EML files at once and they are all kept in one directory, this approach can help. We’ll be using ImportExportToolNG in this instance. Install this add-on in Thunderbird if you don’t already have it. Once installed, adhere to the instructions below.

  • Choose the local directories when you launch Thunderbird.
  • To create a new folder, right-click on any local folder and choose it.
  • After naming the folder, hit Enter.
  • Choose ‘ImportExportTools NG’ by right-clicking on the newly created folder. If your folder structure is hierarchical, then pick ‘Import all messages from a directory’ > ‘also from its subdirectories’.
  • Click the ‘Select Folder’ option after navigating to the directory holding your EML files. All of the EML files in this directory will be imported by Thunderbird into the selected folder.

Advice and things to think about

  • Data integrity: Before importing, make sure you have backups of your EML files in case something goes wrong.
  • Time commitment: Depending on the quantity and size of EML files, the procedure can take some time.
  • Types of Thunderbirds: Make sure that the ImportExportTools NG add-on works with the most recent edition of Thunderbird.
  • Examine the imported emails: Check to make sure all emails have been effectively imported and viewable after the import.

Whether importing a small number of emails or a large number of EML files, these solutions provide customers with agility and ease of use when integrating their EML files into Mozilla Thunderbird. With the help of the Softaken EML to MBOX Converter Software, users can easily export a huge number of EML files to an MBOX layout. The software can Save EML Files/Folders to MBOX For Thunderbird without any hurdle.

Commonly Asked Issues

Can you import EML files with Thunderbird?

As stated in the instructions, Thunderbird can import EML files manually using drag-and-drop, the ImportExportTools NG add-on, or import all messages from a directory.

Is it required to import EML files into Thunderbird using other software?

With the use of the free ImportExportTools NG add-on or Thunderbird’s built-in drag-and-drop functionality, EML files can be directly imported.

How can I jointly load many EML files into Thunderbird?

Use the ImportExportTools NG add-on to import files from a specified directory or the drag-and-drop approach to import many EML files at once.

Will formatting and attachments be preserved when importing EML files into Thunderbird?

Since EML files include the whole email content‚ÄĒattachments and HTML formatting included‚ÄĒimporting EML files into Thunderbird guarantees that email formatting and attachments will remain intact.

Is it possible to import EML files into Thunderbird from several email clients?

Since EML is a common file format used by many email programs, Thunderbird can import EML files made with other email clients.

Does Thunderbird require the ImportExportTools NG add-on to import EML files?

Because it is so simple to use and effective‚ÄĒespecially when working with huge files or structured directories‚ÄĒthe ImportExportTools NG add-on is highly recommended. You can access it by just dragging and dropping it.

Does importing EML files into Thunderbird come with any risks?

Although the procedure is typically secure, it is best to have backups of your EML files before importing them to avoid any conceivable issues, such as import errors or corrupted data.

What happens to my existing emails and folders when I load EML files into Thunderbird?

Because EML files are added to the specified folder and previous data is preserved, importing EML files into Thunderbird does not modify your current emails or folder structure.

Is it possible to import EML files into a designated Thunderbird folder?

In Thunderbird, EML files can be imported into a designated folder by either creating a new folder or utilizing an already-existing one.

What’s the time frame required to import EML into Thunderbird?

The quantity and size of the files determine how long it takes to import EML files into Thunderbird; bigger files or larger attachments can take longer.

The Last Remark

For efficient email handling, this tutorial shows you how to import EML files into Mozilla Thunderbird. It offers simple methods, such as the ImportExportTools NG add-on or the user-friendly drag-and-drop approach. Because of these methods, emails are transferred easily, which makes Thunderbird a great choice for combining email data from many sources or optimizing email administration.

 Both personal and business email users benefit from the simplicity of importing EML files, which improves email accessibility and organization. Both seasoned professionals handling large email archives and those simply keeping track of significant exchanges might benefit from this ability.