How To Clean Upholstery: The Right Way To Sanitize And Protect Your Furniture

Upholstered furniture is where most of the time is spent when we are in the house. Thus, you must know the best way of sanitizing upholstery.

Why Clean Upholstery?

Wearing your favorite clothes or keeping your clothes on when you are at home are some of the basic things that we often do for a comfort factor. However, that is not the best thing to do. It will not only let you track dirt but also make you stink from it. Hence, using a vacuum cleaner, a laundry or steam cleaner to clean furniture is the best choice you can think of. The Upholstery Was Always Clean The Upholstery is a different category of furniture as the other items like the sofa, etc., where the original furniture is able to hold any kind of dirt with ease. When you think about it, the cloth used to cover up your furniture has to be clean for years. Hence, cleaning it once a year is good enough. However, what we can do is keep it clean and always keep your clothes away from it.

How To Clean Upholstery

The few ways in which we can sanitize our furniture range from using tough chemicals to plain old detergents and detergents without scents. Below, we have the easiest way to clean our furniture, in no particular order. Read on and enjoy. 1. Let It Dry Out One of the easiest ways to clean upholstery is by letting it completely dry out. In case your upholstery has stained, it will need time to soak up the stain. This can be done by blocking your furniture in the room for about one hour. You can do this by getting some thin plastic sheet, laying it on your furniture and blocking the door. When the sheet is stuck on your furniture, leave the room. Do not use a fan, as this will help in drying out the fabric.

Quick Tips to Keep Upholstered Furniture Clean

Launder and clean your sofas and chairs frequently; use a lint roller or a soft brush to remove the dust and dirt that accumulates on it over time. Remove sofas and chairs from rooms where they spend more time and wash them on the weekends. Wash your sofas and chairs before using them on a regular basis. Use a lint roller or a soft brush to remove the dust and dirt that accumulates on them over time. Use an upholstery cleaner as recommended on your upholstery cleaner. A spot treatment product is better for a short-term solution, while the shampoo that you use for longer-term washing will provide better protection and it will also not degrade the color of your upholstery. A good upholstery cleaners will be gentle on the fabrics.

How To Protect Upholstered Furniture from Infiltration

You know your furniture is in for a ride when you walk in to your house after a long trip. The most common source of moisture, allergens and other microorganisms penetrating into your home is your sofas, chairs, mattress, etc. However, you need to clean them properly to prevent any damage to your furniture. But, how do you clean up the wet-spots on the upholstery? For this, we need to understand the surface of the upholstery. Upholstery is not the hard surface, but the material used to attach the fabric to the leather. There is some sort of moisture that rests on the surface. With proper application of steam, the moisture can be eliminated.


Clean upholstery for the best interior. It is so easy to do now. Make sure you follow the steps mentioned in this article to keep your furniture looking great. You may even want to replace your couch if it looks unkept.