RoundCube Webmail Data Export All Emails to Desired Output Formats

Is there any direct way for RoundCube webmail data export all emails to other format? I will be very thankful if anyone could suggest me perfect solution for RoundCube webmail export files. I hardly knows the email backup solutions that?s why I am here for taking your suggestions. Please help me. Thanks a lot for showing concern?

Email Backup

Don?t worry, if you are suffering with such type of issue that is mentioned above, because now you are standing at the correct location. Here you will find out the best RoundCube Backup solution that can safely save your RoundCube email data to many popular saving output formats that includes all local formats and cloud server email apps. To get the brief material about the solution, you need to follow the entire blog material. Also, we will discuss about the existence of manual method for performing the same task. So, without any problem let?s go to start the discussion?

RoundCube Backup Software ? An Outstanding Way for Roundcube Webmail Export Files

Finding the suitable technique for RoundCube webmail data export all emails to any other format? If yes, then feel free to go for downloading the amazing RoundCube Webmail Backup software that helps to export RoundCube emails to PST Outlook, PDF, MSG, MBOX, EML, EMLx, Gmail, G Suite, Yahoo, IMAP Server, Exchange Server, Amazon WorkMail, Hotmail, Hosted Exchange Server, Office 365, HTML, MHTML, and many others.

The RoundCube Webmail email backup solution facilitates so many advanced features and benefits during the conversion process. To collect its amazing features and benefits, you can read out the points that we have discussed in the next section.

Remarkable Features & Benefits of Backup Program

  1. The solution is a well-created by a large group of professionals.
  2. It is one of the topmost safe and trusted utility available in online market.
  3. Use its batch function for exporting bundles of RoundCube folders at once.
  4. A best tool to save RoundCube data to any local email formats.
  5. Also, well-capable to move RoundCube files to any cloud server email apps.
  6. The solution retains all email properties in exact way.
  7. Easy to use by all the technical and non-technical users.
  8. It is a time saving and energy saving utility as it offers easy working steps.
  9. Choose this solution as it maintains complete folder structure even after the process.
  10. The Login ID and password of RoundCube webmail email account is must.
  11. The tool facilitates simple and user-familiar interface.
  12.  Get the multiple email filters and date filters for specific files backup.
  13.  By selecting some output option, the tool also offers file naming conventions.
  14.  Easy to accessible on all Windows OS platforms like- 7, 8, 10, etc.
  15.  Additionally, collect the save log report at the end of backup process.

After getting the complete benefits of the professional utility, now let?s proceed to explore its working guide for backup RoundCube emails.

Follow the step by step working guide that we have discussed below:

Step 1: Install and open the RoundCube Webmail Backup software

Step 2: Choose RoundCube option and type correct login credentials.

Step 3: Quickly click on the Login button and select or deselect the folders on the next screen.

Step 4: Choose appropriate saving output option and add the destination path for output files.

Step 5: Get the various options and filters as shown in the software. And, click on the Backup button.

Step 6: Finally, the backup process is begins and will be finished within few minutes. When the process is completed, collect a message and backup report in notepad. Save that report if you need.

Is there any manual method to perform the same task?

Yes, the manual method is available for backup RoundCube emails to PST or other format. But the manual method comes with some drawbacks that can affect your email database. Also, users may face so many challenges while performing RoundCube data backup process with the manual guide.

Let?s have a talk about few drawbacks of manual solution:-

  • It includes very lengthy and trick steps.
  • Human needs to be attentive while using the solution.
  • It is not suitable for bulk files export.
  • It can export the files one by one that takes lot of time.
  • It does not give any guarantee of successful conversion process.

As one wrong step can lead to the huge loss of email database. So, it is better to choose professional suggested solution that we have discussed in the above sections.

Ending Lines

Many users think that backup RoundCube email task is very tricky and complicated to perform. But now professional tool becomes this backup task is so much easier. As we have discussed the manual method is not suitable for exporting RoundCube files.

So, first download free RoundCube Email Backup trial edition that can backup 25 emails from RoundCube to desired saving output format without any cost. The free trial facility is only for testing the complete program so, get the license edition for batch files backup.