How To Pick The Right Social Media Platform For Your Brand

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    It is 2020 and the evolution of mankind has been exciting. One could have never imagined being able to talk to friends or family from afar, yet today each individual is connected through various mechanisms, social media included. What is even marvellous, is the fact that social media has contributed the most to the marketing and advertising sector, completely changing the game for all times to come. 

    The interesting point is that in its short existence, it has opened arms to a number of startups, and has helped in strengthening connections of companies with their target audiences. Influencer marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing all have a very important space reserved for sites that 90 per cent of Millenials use on a daily basis, including Instagram and Snapchat. The question that comes to mind, however, is that how can one choose the right platform to market their product correctly, in a manner which gives them more leads? This article will help you understand just that. To know more, visit walnut folks. Walnut folks is a social media marketing company in Nagpur.

    Here are a few important tips to choose the right social media market for your brand.

    Understanding The Purpose Of Each Social Media Platform

    Prior to opening an account in any of the social media platforms, it is very important to understand what each platform does, what type of audience you find, and will this platform help you to grow your business. So the first step is to identify your target audience. This basically means that you must understand which group of people your product or services will appeal to. You can then choose your platform accordingly. 

    For example, if your target audiences are more millennials, then you should probably use social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat as it is the best place to find them. It is essential to understand user behaviour and how they discover your brand. For instance, the main mission of Facebook is to let people come together and build community. A local business can consider this social media platform as they have a medium through which they can engage and interact with the local community and spread awareness about your business. 

    Also, every platform has its own features like Facebook is based on community building, Instagram concentrates more on visual content, Yelp is for reviews etc. Hence you have to understand the right social media platform for your brand.

    To Know Where Your Competitors Are

    Competition analysis is really important before stepping into any platform because they help you to answer all the questions such as 

    • What is your industry?s competitive landscape? 
    • Where are your competitors targeting their audience and what is their strategy? 

    You have to visit their page, understand their pattern of posting and analyse their engagement to connect with the audience.

    Once you understand this, it will help you to plan out your strategy and understand how to attract your audience. Hence analysing your competitors’ moves can help you with picking the right platform for your brand.

    Base It On Your Good Or Services

    During ambiguous times, the best way to decide the right social media platform is by basing it on the goods and services in which you deal. For example, if you are a brand aiming at enhancing brand awareness & interaction with their consumers then you should aim for platforms like Instagram but on the other hand, if you are looking for a formal platform to hire personnel and creating formal relationships with people who can help you with your goods or services then they should prefer LinkedIn for their brand.

    Use Platforms Your Target Audience Spends More Time At

    With proper research and analysis, it is very essential to understand where to find your target audience. Knowing this will help you to attack the right social media without wasting any time or resources. This will also help in effectively converting your audience as you will be aware of data concerning your target audience and where they spend their maximum time.


    As social media marketing is one of the most crucial steps for the marketing of your brand, it becomes essential to ensure that you get the right platform. Once your social media goals, audience and content align with the right platform, your success is guaranteed. Social media marketing is one of the most revolutionising forms of marketing for any brand, and if done properly, it can do wonders. There are social media marketing firms and agencies like walnut folks who can help you with your social media marketing. To know more, visit walnut folks. 

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