Full Guide to Resolve Rockspace Firmware Update Failed Issue

Disappointed that your attempts to upgrade the firmware on your Rockspace AC2100 extender have all failed? You tried everything, from resetting your WiFi extension to setting up a whole new one via http //re.rockspace.local, but nothing worked?

Well, have no fear. To troubleshoot this issue with your Rockspace AC2100 wireless range extender, follow the steps outlined in this guide. But, first, become aware of the signs of Rockspace extender firmware update failed issue. For that, refer to the section given below.

Signs of Failed Rockspace AC2100 Firmware Update

You should know that a failed firmware update will only cause more issues with your WiFi extender before attempting any troubleshooting.

To assist you in your endeavor, here are several indicators that it may be time to update your Rockspace wireless range device:

The extender keeps disconnecting from the router.
The LED indicator on the extension begins blinking orange.
The Rockspace AC2100 extender does not establish a network connection.
Every time you attempt to access the internet, the WiFi range extender freezes.
You cannot detect the network name of your extender on the network list.
You are experiencing the Rock space WiFi extender red light issue.

Any combination of the aforementioned issues indicates that the firmware update on your Rockspace AC2100 WiFi range extender failed and it needs to get updated right away. Thus, continue reading this post in order to update the firmware of your device.

[Fixed] Rockspace AC2100 Firmware Update Failed

Below, not only will you find the troubleshooting hacks to resolve the issue at hand but also the reasons why you are experiencing it:
Firmware Update Interrupted

The firmware update for your Rockspace extender will be interrupted if you close your web browser, leave the extender login screen, navigate away from the page you were on, or attempt to click the same link again.

Therefore, the next time you try to update the firmware of your AC2100 wireless range extender, consider performing no background activities.

Weak Internet Connection

It is essential to have a constant and fast internet connection during the full firmware upgrade procedure. If you have slowness or inconsistency in your home network, here is a solution, i.e. contact your Internet Service Provider and give him some time to fix the internet issue from his end.

Device Infected with Viruses

Malicious software may completely take over your home network in the form of worms, trojans, or viruses. Thus, they may cause harm to your system files, corrupt your software, or even cause your computer to crash if you install new software.
Thus, install an antivirus software on your device in order to keep viruses and similar malicious software at bay.

Storage Space Running Out

You probably already know that programs need a temporary location in RAM. Your firmware update for the Rockspace AC2100 range extender will not begin if you have several instances of the software active on your machine.

This means that you need to clear up the storage space on your device from which you want to update the firmware of your extender.

Corrupted Extender Firmware

If you discover that everything is running well, you may try scanning the firmware you downloaded for your WiFi extender. It is possible that corrupted files inside the AC2100 firmware program are preventing the update from proceeding.

To troubleshoot the issue, you need to download the firmware version that is compatible with your Rockspace AC2100 wireless range extender.
The Bottom Line

We hope that you now have a better grasp of what caused the Rockspace AC2100 firmware update process to fail. If you were able to resolve it using the aforementioned fixes, let your fellow readers know. That way, they will be able to put more faith in this post.

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