Residential Roofing: Don’t Allow Roof Inspection If Your Roofer Is Without These Tools

It is important for your contractor to have the right tools to make a thorough roof impression. A regular residential roofing inspection should be a priority for every homeowner. This is important to reduce the risk of accidents.

Roof Inspection Tools

A popular quote attributed to Emmett Wolf says that a man is only as good as his tools. It is important to have the following tools to do a comprehensive roof inspection.

A Sturdy Ladder?

Every roof inspection necessitates access to the roof to conduct a thorough examination and identify the roof’s condition. This is when a ladder will be useful. In some circumstances, a simple, strong ladder can serve as a sturdy support for balance and a way of climbing. It also serves as a means of climbing down from the roof. Make sure the ladder is well-balanced and not swaying. Falls and injuries are more likely when using an uneven ladder.

A Good Harness

This will come in handy as it can provide a safe means to climb even further than the ladder would allow. It also provides a safe place to step on, rest tools, and generally gives more traction. This is a necessity for a residential roofing inspection.

Work gloves

Much like oven mitts serve to protect the hands from heat and burns while cooking, a work glove performs the same function during roof inspections. Ensure that there are no holes in the gloves. This will protect the hands from sharp objects such as nails that can cause injuries. The gloves also help provide good traction or grip for holding on and grabbing items. Sweaty hands mean slippery hands, which can be dangerous.

The Right shoes

Often there is a danger of slipping off the roof, especially a wet roof when one wears flat-soled shoes to climb the roof. Wearing the wrong shoes should be avoided by all means as a fall from such heights can be fatal or, at the least, limb-threatening. Wear shoes that provide good traction. Many brands of shoes offer good shoes with the right soles for this purpose.

A Toe Board

While an option, this provides an extra layer of safety for the roof inspector and is commonly employed during roofing installation and repairs as well. A toe board is a simple wooden board that provides a walkway for the roofer to walk safely on the roof.

The Toolbox

Every roofing inspection requires a set of tools that include a utility knife. These tools make the roofing inspection easy and can be whipped out for quick repairs right then and there. 


A residential roofing inspection should be done regularly to ensure early detection of issues, and prompt repairs are carried out. During the roof inspection, be sure to check the vents, check for any broken shingles, curls, cracks, and signs of leakage. With the tools listed above, roof inspiration should be easy and safe.