Rent a party tent for your party

Udlejning af telt offers a varied range of modular party tents , which means that they can be assembled freely as desired, so that the space available is utilized to the maximum. Our party tents can be rented with or without floor.

A standard will typically be with windows on two sides, distributed on the long side and one end and two completely white sides without windows. But all setups can be done. All party tents have two entrances / exits which can also be extended with, for example, a wardrobe and attic.

Our prices for tent

Our prices for tent rental are based on a rental period of 3 to 4 days, incl. setup and dismantling. If your event or company party is held on a Saturday, we usually set up the party tent no later than Thursday evening and take it down on Monday / Tuesday.

udlejning af telt

In order for the setup

In order for the set-up to take place as quickly and smoothly as possible, a man must be made available for our assembly team.

Party tent size: We generally recommend min. 1 m2 pr. person for dining and 1.5 m2 if the party is with music and dancing. See our prices which give you a quick overview of the economy of renting a party tent when the budget is to be laid.

Fixed tent

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Combine as needed

Your party tent does not necessarily have to be round or square only. Our party tents can be combined, so you can have a rounding at one end of the party tent, build further from a center or combine a round party tent with a long corridor. It’s up to you.

Permits, insurance and transportation

As a general rule, permission is required from the local emergency manager if more than 150 people are to stay in the party tent at one time. As a tenant, you have full responsibility for the rented equipment throughout the installation period. An insurance is taken out against a premium of 12% of the total amount. The insurance covers transport, storm and fire damage. .


We only have approved party tents. We always make sure that your guests feel safe, and our party tents are set up safely and durable.

Party tent as you wish

Rent a standard party tent

Nice and classic party tent in white tablecloth with plastic windows with rounded top. The module width can be delivered in 6, 9, 12 or 15 meters, and the minimum tent length is the same as the module width. The length is extended with modules of 3 meters as needed. This model, which has a module width of 3 meters and a minimum tent length of 3 meters, can be extended with modules of 3 meters indefinitely. This makes this type of party tent suitable as a walking area, kitchen tent, and wardrobe or similar.


This type of party tent is suitable as stands or stalls for events or events such as sports events, fairs and the like. the party tents are also suitable for summer parties of a more unpretentious nature and larger events with several party tents distributed over a large area, eg with open sides for shady seating. Available in several sizes and types up to 20 meters wide, both with and without floor. The tents can also be delivered with fixed walls.

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