Simple Remodeling Ideas That Will Make Your Home Look Luxurious

Seems like the word luxury has been thrown a lot this past year or so. Luxury holidays, luxury retreats, luxury homes, luxury furniture, luxury clothes, all things luxury really! 

Just like around the world, in Australia, as well, this luxury trend has been going on for a while, and now everyone wants to live in a luxurious home.

Yes, to live in a lux home but without the price tag that comes with it. Is that even possible? To decorate and remodel your home but without completely destroying your wallet? It seems like it is. 

If you want to have a luxurious home but on a budget, here are a couple of simple remodeling ideas that will help you out!

Start by updating the exterior and entryway

Regardless of what anyone says, first impressions matter. That means that the exterior of your home needs some TLC if you want to make your home look luxurious inside out. Of course, this doesn?t mean that you need to spend your whole budget on the outside of your home.

A simple color refresh or some serious power washing of the exterior of your home can do the trick. Do some inexpensive landscaping by adding plants that will look good year-round. Fix the pathway that leads to your front door, either with brick, cobblestone, or concrete. 

The main focus should be the entryway of your home. Paint the door in a bold yet inviting color. Replace the fixtures in your entryway ? new lamps, new door handle, house number, and doormat.

An add on

Luxury is having enough space in your home. Unfortunately, not all homes have the square footage we need to feel comfortable in them. However, that can be an easy-to-deal problem if you consult professionals.

Luxury home builders from Gold Coast know how to help you add a room to your house without completely breaking your budget. Whether it?s finishing your basement, converting an attic, or adding a sunroom to your home ? these professional builders will have a perfect solution to extend or remodel your home and turn it into a luxury gem.

Keep it neutral

Inside your home, the space will look luxurious if you keep things bright and clean with neutral colors. Paint the walls in a neutral color that can be enhanced with patterns, textures, and accessories.

The same can be said about the furniture pieces. If you want to update your sofa, do it with neutral-colored fabric.

Decorative molding

If neutral-colored walls seem a bit boring to you, you can dress them up and decorate them with molding.

Decorative wall molding can give any room a high-end look and installing it is simple and inexpensive, so you don?t risk breaking the budget. You can even DIY it if you?re skilled enough.

Even with the molding you have options, you can choose between MDF, natural wood, or polyurethane trim and you can create whatever pattern you want on your walls.

Update fixtures and hardware

The easiest way to update your home and make it look more high-end and luxurious is by updating your fixtures and hardware. All around the house, you can replace your dated light fixtures with something luxurious and modern.

In the kitchen and bathroom, you can invest in new hardware. This is a super-easy and affordable way to refresh these rooms and to give them an update.

Window treatments

Do you know what screams luxury? Long luxurious curtains. Curtains that fit your space and frame your windows perfectly. 

Bear in mind that curtains, especially custom ones are not cheap and can be an investment. But that still doesn?t take from the fact that they can transform the room into a high-end, luxury haven.

Add a rug or two

Another great way to give interest to a room and make it look high-end is with a rug or two. Not only will a rug soften the room and give it interest, but it will also pull it together.?

You can layer rugs for a more exotic look. Or you can stick with a traditional single rug. Just make sure you buy a rug with colors that complement the space.

?Update your artwork

An oversized painting in your living room will be a show stopper. A fairly easy way to transform your home is by updating your artwork. You can either opt for one big statement piece or you can make a gallery wall.

A big statement artwork doesn’t have to be expensive, you can look for something suitable in a flea market or thrift shops, or you can DIY something. The same goes for frames for your gallery wall. 

Add gold and metallic details

A true lux look can be achieved with a few metallic or gold details in your interior design. You can turn your old mirror frame gold or metallic, in no time, with a bit of spray paint. And you can do the same with vases, pots, or trays. Display brass candle holders or a couple of vintage silver pieces.

While mixing metals can be very lux, it can also be too kitschy if you overdo it, so be careful with these details.

Display fresh flowers

And to wrap up our list of all the things that can make your home look luxurious, our last suggestion would be fresh flowers. A bouquet of fresh flowers will lighten up the mood, liven up the space, and give it a more luxurius look.

You don?t have to choose big and exotic flowers, smaller ones are ok, just make sure that your bouquets are full and lush. You can display them anywhere you want, on the coffee table in the living room, on the dining room table, in the kitchen, in the entryway of your home, anywhere really.

And those were 10 ideas that can make your home look luxurious, but that won?t be too hard on your wallet. Hopefully, some of these ideas work for your home, too!

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