How to Register a Domain Name and Host a Website?

register domain name

To set up an online presence, the main step is to get registered with a domain name. This is similar to that of the street address of a brick-and-mortar business and displays the basic way for folks to identify the business or the related project over the web. 

There are three main steps included in acquiring a domain name, such as choose a registrar, find an available name, and consider ways to protect it from privacy. 

Here, we are talking about the registration of a domain name and after that, how to host a website. 

Let us know about the domain name and hosting first. 

How to register a domain name?

1. Pick up a registrar to register the domain

Registrars are the companies that handle all the reservations of a domain name. They are aware of name leasing to you for an agreed timeframe and cost too. You can think of them in the same manner as hosting companies but solely for domain names, although there is some crossover on which we will shed light further. 

There are a lot of registrars available in the market and it is quite intimidating to choose the best one. HostingRaja is one of the best.

2. Find an available domain 

When you have decided upon a registrar, you need to brainstorm to choose names. Your domain name will be used in the URL of the site as an identification mark, so it needs to be easy and memorable. It is tedious to choose a domain name as it is a branding opportunity andalso, the first impression. 

3. Protect privacy from becoming too public

When you register a name, then the owner info is added to the registry. It means anyone can see who is the owner of the contact number, address, email address, and name too. It can be an issue on privacy and to hide it, you need to take ID protection for the domain.

Host a website in three easy steps

Here, we have three steps through which you can host a website easily. 

1. Buy a domain name

The foremost step is to create a website with the help of a domain name. A domain is considered as an internet address. It is the permanent location where internet users can find your site. Unique domains can be registered easily through HostingRaja.

2. Pick up a hosting provider

Every site needs a host to provide storage to its website and make it available for all the audiences on the web. Typically, domain registrars proffer web hosting and it is also possible to purchase a domain name, and web hosting differently. 

3. Choose a plan for hosting

Before you begin with the website designing and development, you must need two things such as a domain and second is hosting.There are five sorts of hosting available like Shared, Managed WordPress, dedicated, reseller, and VPS. For new sites, shared hosting is better and even they can opt for managed WordPress hosting too.?

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