Simple Methods To Reduce And Prevent Plagiarism In Your Content

Firstly, you need to understand what exactly plagiarized content is? Plagiarism is when you copy someone’s content, idea, or anything and pretend to own it which does not belong to you. 

This stealing of others’ work is known as plagiarism. There are so many tools like an online plagiarism checker available in the market where you can test if the content is plagiarized or not.

Every user wants to read unique content so do the website owners want. They want the content of their websites to be distinct and authentic from others. In this way, you can enhance the credibility of your website.

In this article, we’ll be discussing some simple methods to reduce and prevent plagiarism in your content to make your website unique and trustworthy for readers.

Method#1: Paraphrase your content

Paraphrasing is a unique method to avoid plagiarism in your content. You should never copy-paste the content from others websites, don’t just paraphrase a few words or sentences. That is exactly not what we meant by paraphrasing. 

It is the method where we only take the idea from the content and rephrase those ideas in our own words. 

To enhance the creativity level of your content and your writing style remains the same. It is one of the best and most important practices to reduce and prevent plagiarism in your content.

Method#2: Use Quotations

When you write about anything, it is pretty obvious that there will be thousands of relatable quotations. 

That can be added to your content to make it unique and authentic at the same time. 

Eventually, what happens is when a person sees the quotation from a well-known personality his or her belief gets strong towards the content or a website he’s reading. 

They start coming back for whatever research or information they want from your website. They rely on the information you provide them. 

So, never use improper quotations. Cite them well, try to make them unique so that people get attracted to your content. 

Must use the quotation marks around the quote or text to make it clear that these are the words from someone else?s, not yours and you’re citing them down just to make readers understand better. In this way, you can avoid plagiarism in your content as well.

Method#3: Use Proper Citation

While writing any content you have to understand first, what are the things which need to be cited in your content properly? 

If you’re taking any idea, content or anything from somebody else’s work then you have to cite it properly in your content to avoid plagiarism.

Citation is the method that is highly recommended to writers for writing any content may it be a research paper, website content, or anything else. You don’t need to cite your opinions about anyone’s research.

Citing the proper sources is an important element to avoid and reduce plagiarism in your content. The in-text citation also plays a crucial part in dealing with plagiarism. There are also some unique styles of adding citations which are mentioned here;

  1. APA (American Psychological Association): Mostly used in educational, social, and behavioral research of academic work.
  2. MLA (Modern Language Association): Mostly used in humanities research and work.
  3. Chicago/Turabian style: Mostly used in business, fine arts, and history-related studies.
  4. Harvard Style: Mostly used by students for academic and scientific research.

Method#4: Add References

Referencing is another important method that can help you reduce and prevent plagiarism in your content. You just have to keep in mind that you need to mention the person or a website from which you’re taking the text.

In simple words, you just give the credits to the owner which shows the acknowledgment of others’ work while you use them in your work or study.

It is used in the research work where students take information from different studies and websites. They use specific theories to test the relationships which need references.

Referencing allow you to use the content authentically for your research purpose by citing the work of others in your study, research, and writings. This lets the reader know that the content is not copied and shows acknowledgment to your source.

Method#5: Detect plagiarism through online plagiarism checkers

Lastly, the simplest method of all to avoid plagiarism in your content is by detecting it through an online plagiarism checker

There are unlimited plagiarism checkers available online through which within seconds you can identify the percentage of plagiarism as well as the websites URL from which the content is copied.

If you’ve ever checked plagiarism through any plagiarism checker online you must have gone through the procedure which includes the detection of content from websites available online which then sums up the amount of percentage your content contains. 

Most of the time the improper quotation also counts the plagiarism score just because the formatting is incorrect.

Before submitting any research paper or study consider using a plagiarism checker. It helps to identify the paraphrased content, any improper citation, or quotation references anything. You can fix it within time, it is a smart act.


Plagiarized content has now become a virus for the websites. It is just like an ordinary disease which when not fixed in time causes numerous health issues. Once your website has plagiarized content and you don’t fix it, it will never going to be benefit you.

 It will decrease the traffic and SEO will be disturbed. As the google ranking and algorithm works best when there’s no plagiarized content present on your website. It will only boost your audience if your website contains authentic information. Search engine promotes the websites only with a lesser plagiarism percentage.

The least the plagiarized content on your website the more the website will rank higher. You need to follow all the above methods to avoid plagiarism in your content. 

Adding references, using proper citation of the owner, using accurate citation styles, adding quotations with the format, making your content paraphrased smartly will let your website gain more traffic and best google rankings. 

All these practices reduce the plagiarism ratio in your content and enhance the credibility of the website among readers.