7 Wonderful Reasons To Still Use Printed Brochures In 2021

2021 has been a remarkable year for the wrong reasons, especially for business owners. Many businesses have been forced to close. Those that are surviving are facing intense competition in the market. There is a surge in people spending time online encouraging many business owners to switch to digital marketing. Read on to discover why you can still invest in brochure printing today.

Some facts worth knowing

You can deliver your brochures through door drop marketing. These are likely to stay inside the home for about 38 days with a 23 percent likelihood of getting circulated amongst the family members. According to Bentley University, 85 percent of people discover new businesses after reading a brochure. Additionally, 61 percent of people decide to purchase a product after seeing it in a brochure. 

Reasons to use printed brochures in 2020


Most businesses today are operating on a shoestring budget and stretched for resources. And, the use of digital marketing platforms seems costly in the long run. You will have to keep on subscribing to the service periodically. Fortunately, printed brochures require a single-time investment which is affordable. Integrating the branding on your website with your brochure is a wonderful idea. And, printing the brochures is cheaper without a minimum order quantity thanks to digital printing. 

Keeping close to your audience

As you noted above, a brochure stays in a household for about 38 days or more. And, it circulates throughout the household members and neighbors during this time. This time is enough for whoever reads the brochure to remember your brand and become a loyal customer. In fact, your brand will come into their minds wherever they need a product or service you offer. The good thing is the availability of online brochure printing services to make the whole process hassle-free.  

Offers more details about your brand

There are various marketing strategies online but these limit the characters to use. To use Facebook Ads, you�re limited to just 25 characters with the image description having just 125 characters. Bing and Google have the same limitations. Luckily, there�s no limit when you use a brochure. You have enough space to describe your service or products in detail without a character limit. So, anyone who reads your brochure will discover a lot more about your brand. 

Reach the intended audience

Using brochures is a sure way to reach the intended audience. You just have to mail the brochures to the correct addresses. This is a better option than pushing them down the prospect�s door. Additionally, with events opening up, brochures are good to give out during a public event. Apart from boosting your brand awareness through chitchatting with prospects, your brand will stick in the mind of the recipient. You just have to get a good design and you�ll be good to go. 

Keepsakes for later reference

Sometimes customers face a hard time selecting a service provider or manufacturer. With your brochure lying about on a table or inside a drawer, decision-making becomes easier. Discovering your brochure somewhere gives the potential customer a starting ground. With details about your products or services, the customer is more likely to look no further. 

Various distribution channels 

Most people jump to the online marketing bandwagon not knowing that access is only through getting online. It�s true many people are spending more time online today than ever but some hindrances might limit access. These might include equipment or gadget breakdown and site maintenance. 

Fortunately, there are various channels to distribute your brochures. You can give them out during a public event, include them in the local daily, or mail. Other innovative ways to distribute your brochures include inside a package on order, at your reception area, or handing them out to potential customers on the street. 

Establish brand authority

Many businesses especially startups are jumping on the online marketing bandwagon. However, a hard copy of your brochure gives an impression of an established brand. The brochures portray your business as being resourceful with a knack for investing in keeping your clients informed. Printed marketing material is not for everyone but for established brands.

Any business can have an online presence even without a physical presence. No wonder the internet is full of scammers who defraud potential customers. When you invest in printed brochures, you give an impression that your brand is beyond the novice stage. This instills confidence in would-be customers to choose your brand over others. 

Bottom line

Business success today is not for the faint-hearted. You need to be innovative when it comes to making an impact in the market. Printed brochures are highly effective for being affordable, easy to distribute through various channels, and acting as a source of reference. Customers will get a great impression of your business when you use printed brochures.

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