What are the Reasons and Outcomes of a DOT Compliance Review

If you are in the trucking or transport business, the department of transportation might feel like checking up on you with 2 just days’ notice. This is the shortest and simplest definition of a DOT compliance review. It might happen for your company any day. But why is it so important? What should you expect from it?

What is DOT compliance review?

??If you own a truck or run a company in the transport sector and your commercial vehicles haul a cargo of more than 10,000 lbs in weight whether on their own or in combination with another apparatus, you will have to register with the federal motor carrier safety administration. There will be several rules and regulations as well that you will have to comply with. This is called DOT compliance. You may want to associate with a skilled and experienced third-party administrator or DOT compliance facilitator that can manage your compliance without you having to spare any time or effort to do it on your own.

DOT Compliance Review – The Much-Dreaded Event

This is dreaded because a lot of companies tend to forget to make sure that their business complies with the rules and regulations laid down by the authorities. So, remember that if you falter, the department of transportation has the authority to tell you to stop functioning altogether. To do that, the US department of transportation might organize a quick audit or review of your enterprise which will lead it to the conclusion that you need to be prevented from performing any more operations.

DOT Compliance Review – The When, Why, And How Of It

Companies involved in the transport and logistics sector are always monitored by the federal motor carrier safety administration. But remember, this review can happen at any point in time. However, there are still various factors that can trigger this evaluation by the department of transportation or FMCSA. If you see yourself being reviewed or audited, you might have triggered any or all of the following:

Failing To Ensure New Entrant Safety Audit

The FMCSA will monitor your activities if you do not pass the new entrant safety audit on the first try. The best way to avoid it is to be aware of the requirements that you have to fulfill while performing a new entrant safety audit.

A Complaint Submitted By An Employee Or Civilian

The department of transportation is going to take all safety issues very seriously. If any of your activities or employees have endangered the lives of civilians or perhaps somebody at your workplace, a single complaint can trigger a long investigation.

Unsatisfactory CSA Basic Score

This score is based on a lot of aspects including roadside inspections, state-reported crashes, data on the drivers, and a lot of other statistics. For example, if the driver is found driving under the influence of any prohibited substances, it is definitely going to trigger a DOT compliance review.

A Road Or Workplace Accident

Remember, the FMCSA is going to order a review even if there is a report of a single accident. If the accident has resulted in a fatality or injury, it is going to trigger a DOT compliance review almost immediately.

Defining The Purpose Of A DOT Compliance Review

It is very simple.? DOT Compliance reviews or audits are done to keep everyone on the road and at your workplace safe. These audits and reviews can be a nightmare for your enterprise, employees, fleet managers, and drivers because they take up a lot of your time. Because the department of transportation is responsible for ensuring that your drivers, cargo, and civilians traveling by road are 100% safe, they will make sure that no aspect of your operations is left out. This investigation is carried out to make sure that you run your business ethically and according to the rules and regulations laid down by the authorities.

What To Expect From A DOT Compliance Review

The DOT compliance Inspector will ask you for the following:

  • Proof of insurance 
  • Gross revenue documents 
  • Accident register 
  • Total miles on your vehicles 
  • List of all your drivers

In addition to this, the inspector may also analyze the driver qualification files that you have kept at your place of business. He may also ask important maintenance-related questions to assess your safety performance and the various preventive measures that you intend to take to prevent accidents and any mishaps at the workplace or on the roadside.

Preparing For Your DOT Compliance Review

The best way to prepare for this review is to follow every rule laid down by the authorities and make sure that you have complete and updated documents and proof for the following:

  • Shipping documents 
  • Hours of service 
  • Driver qualifications 
  • DVIR and maintenance records 
  • DOT accident register 
  • Hazmat registration and placarding
  • Safety management 
  • Financial responsibility 
  • Operations review 
  • DOT alcohol and drug testing


This is indeed a daunting process to go through. However, the right DOT compliance facilitator can help you manage all of this with ease. It is time to find yourself a dependable third-party administrator like DOT Compliance Group right away.


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