Why it?s Time for Startups to Choose React Native over Hybrid Apps?

    Hybrid Apps

    Compared to the native mobile app development, cross-platform development is pretty convenient. It will help you save both time and money. In the case of native development, one needs to create different codes for different platforms. However, cross-platform development will allow you to create a single code for different platforms. So if you have plans to develop a cross-platform app for your startup, you can check the React Native framework.?React Native apps?are compatible with all the platforms.?It is one of the most chosen frameworks for app development.?

    Facebook?s engineer has developed this open-source framework in 2015. It aids in crafting native apps in two platforms together without compromising the look and performance. Moreover, the best part is, you can create an app with the help of JavaScript only. 

    Now, let us comprehend the benefits of Real Native framework compared to the hybrid apps.

    Strong community of React Native apps

    We have already discussed that it is an open-source platform. Thus, everyone can get the documents related to this framework for free. It is a community-driven technology that comes with various advantages. 

    For instance, you will get help from the community if you face difficulties while developing a React Native app. Besides, there is a particular forum of Facebook developers where you can opt for long conversations. 

    The UI of React Native apps are simple

    Another imperative reason to choose the React Native framework is its User Interface. Therefore, the users will find it easier to use the React Native framework?s apps. Also, compared to Meteor JS, or Angular JS, this framework resembles a JavaScript library. 

    Whenever someone is creating an app, crafting a sequence of actions is significant. With the React Native framework, a React Native developer can tailor a perfect implementing order. Besides, a React Native UI provides a smoother feel, decreases the loading time, and is more responsive. 

    Comes with a modular architecture

    Let us comprehend the meaning of modular programming. It is nothing but a software design technique that aids in separating the program?s functionality into various interchangeable and independent blocks. Those blocks are known as modules. This technique brings numerous advantages on the boards. Besides, it provides flexibility to the developers. 

    The developers can take a look at each other?s projects. And that plays a significant role in generating updates. To be precise, this modular architecture encourages the developers to bring updates and upgrades as quickly as possible. Another perk of modular programming is that they are reusable modules. In addition, it is well-matched with mobile APIs and the web. 

    Provide you with optimal performance

    If you want to improve performance through modules and native control, React Native is a convenient option. It is capable of connecting to the native components of all the operating systems. Also, one can generate codes for the native APIs freely and without any hassles. 

    It uses different threads when it comes to native APIs and UI. Thus, it improves the performance of the apps. In case if you use the alternatives, there is a possibility that the performance will not be up to the mark. 

    Cost-effective solution

    As the Native React codes are reusable, it helps to reduce the app development cost considerably. Besides, it is not needed to use separate codes for different platforms, as 95% codes are cross-platform. It means that it is compatible with iOS and Android. Only one programming language is good enough to code for both the OS. So, it is making your project more affordable. 

    Moreover, you do not need to hire a huge team and different developers to serve your purpose. A small team should be enough to carry on with your task as the developers will use their in-depth experience. 

    Also, at the same time, updates and maintenance can be done on both apps. Thus, it is cost-effective at present and also saves future costs along with saving a lot of time as well.

    Supports third-party plugin

    Another impressive attribute of the React Native framework is that it supports third-party plugins, and that comes with a couple of options such as JavaScript modules and native modules. The reason is that the framework is free of some of the components. 

    For instance, if you try to incorporate maps in one of your React Native apps, you can collect the plugin with the third-party or native module. Therefore, React Native is always a convenient option. 

    Make the apps moveable

    In the future, if you want to move your app to a different framework, you don?t need to bother about anything. Your developer doesn?t have to craft the app from scratch again. 

    If they want to export the app from the framework of React Native to another framework, it will be easier. For example, they can move the app to the Xcode, and Android Studio. After that, they can start over from there. So, it is visible that it adds flexibility to the apps. 

    Enhances flexibility

    The React Native app will make the development process flexible. To be specific, it is imperative for developers. For instance, if one of the developers left after building some of the app elements, another developer can join in to carry on with the work. Therefore, it will improve the flexibility of the team. 

    Besides, you can quickly update the app of your startup whenever you want. The testers will also enjoy flexibility. It will be easier for testers to generate testing scenarios. Consequently, these things will also aid you to save a considerable amount of time and money. 

    Big brands trust this framework

    If you are hesitating to trust this framework, you should know that many big brands trust this framework. For instance, some of the brands that support this framework are Facebook, Uber Eats, Instagram, Airbnb, Skype, Adidas, Tesla, Walmart and so on. Thus, there is no issue with the efficiency of this framework. According to reports, almost a million users visit these apps every day. 

    Moreover, this framework ensures scalability, performance, and maintainability. And it is a proven fact that React Native is capable of crafting apps that reach a huge number of audiences. 

    Going to stay for a long time

    React Native will be there for the coming decades. There are various traits of this framework that will ensure its long run. For example, its timely assorted framework and user-friendly manual, makes it desirable for the developers. 

    Besides, with this framework, there is no need to learn various languages and complex codes. 

    So, if you are a startup, you must choose React Native for your app development instead of hybrid apps. It is reusable, user-friendly, and widely accepted amongst a lot of brands. Thus, you must hire a reliable React Native Development Company.

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